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5 reasons Beyoncé fans should stream the queen's new Netflix special

5 reasons Beyoncé fans should stream the queen's new Netflix special

Beyonce concert pose
Queen Bey's Netflix special is a treat for fans.  Beyonce/Facebook

The first weekend of Coachella recently wrapped up, and even though that fest has already gotten some memorable performances from its A-list lineup, there is still one from last year that hangs over the festival, a performance that’s still talked about for its for sheer, epic slayage. Heck, the pyramid stage where it happened on is even on display.

You know who we’re talking about. And, on Wednesday, April 17, Netflix will begin streaming Homecoming: A Film by Beyoncé, the doc that’ll show you how she put it all together.

Relive the moment
Homecoming is a 137-minute look at the two nights (known online as “Beychella”) the pop queen came to the famed festival and tore the roof off the place. There’s no doubt the Beyhive will enjoy this, especially those who couldn’t stay up late to catch those shows when they were live-streamed on YouTube.

Catch how it all happened
Unfortunately, Netflix isn’t screening Homecoming for the press. So, it’s difficult to tell what people can look forward to. According to the trailer that dropped last week, there will be interviews and backstage and rehearsal footage. We’ll most likely see how Mrs. Knowles Carter corralled a marching band, a bevy of dancers and other talented folk (mostly from colleges and high schools) to make up the wall of performers who shared the stage with her.

Beyoncé celebrates black women
We’re also most likely be seeing Beyoncé celebrating African-American womanhood. As the first African-American woman to headline the 19-year-old Coachella, this was a major achievement. So, if the Maya Angelou voice-over from the trailer is any indication, expect Beyoncé to continue what she started with her visual album Lemonade and shine a light on the power and beauty of being young, gifted, black — and female.

The special guests
Beyoncé basically called the fam and told them to be there, ready to get in formation. That includes husband Jay-Z (who joined her for “Deja Vu”), little sis Solange (who danced with her for “Get Me Bodied”) and, yes, her Destiny Child crewmates Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams. Those ladies definitely slid back in the old, familiar groove as they did “Lose My Breath” and “Say My Name.”

Blue Ivy!
We hope the intensely private star will dip a bit more into her personal life, giving us more glimpses of her beautiful kids who are already adored celebs in their own right. The most-talked-about moment in the trailer is a shot of her firstborn daughter Blue Ivy presumably choreographing a room of dancers. Hopefully, this documentary will prove that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.


Homecoming: A Film by Beyoncé premieres Wednesday, April 17 on Netflix.