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Meet Winnie, the charming Chihuahua mix, CultureMap's pet of the week

Meet Winnie, the charming Chihuahua mix, CultureMap's pet of the week

Pet of the week - Winnie Chihuahua
Tiny Winnie is a little doll who craves affection.  Photo courtesy of Citizens for Animal Protection

Name: Winnie, as in Winnie Cooper from the Wonder Years, activist Winnie Mandela, and Winnie the Pooh. Here’s a trivia question: what do Winnie the Poo, Chance the Rapper, and Attila the Hun have in common? Answer: they have the same middle name. (Thank you, Highlights Magazine.)

Birthdate: June 23, 2019. I’m a youngun, barely six months old. And you know how we petite dogs live a long, long life.

Ethnicity: I’m a Chihuahua and short-coat terrier combo platter. Here’s a little about little ol’ me. I weigh only five pounds, so I’ll be on the smallish size when I reach doggie adulthood. I’m a tad submissive, so you and the family will need to be gentle with me until I get to know you. I’m a real cuddler and I like to sit in your lap when we watch TV.

Like all the pooches at Citizens for Animal Protection, I’ll be spayed, microchipped, checked out by a real-life vet, and groomed when you take me home.

And speaking of all the pooches at CAP, thanks to the Bissell Pet Foundation’s “Empty the Shelters” event, every pet in the joint can be adopted for only $25 or less Friday, December 13, and Saturday, December 14. And that includes cats, hypoallergenic dogs for kids with sensitive noses, and the rest of Elly May's critters. 

Come and get me: I'm available for adoption at 11 am Friday, December 13, at Citizens for Animal Protection (17555 Katy Freeway; 281-497-0591). Tell them, "Ken sent me."


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