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Meet delightful duo Zoe and Roxy, CultureMap's pets of the week

Meet delightful duo Zoe and Roxy, CultureMap's pets of the week

Pet of the Week - Roxy & Zoe
Owner surrenders Roxy and Zoe are a package deal and are available for adoption Friday, November 9. Photo courtesy of Citizens for Animal Protection

Names: Zoe and Roxy, which sounds like a folk duo from the coffee house circuit in the '60s, but they're not. They're dogs.

Birthdates: Zoe's B-day is October 16, 2010. Roxy was hatched the same day, although they're not sisters. What a coinky-dinky.

Ethnicity: Zoe is a Maltese mix, from the Island of Malted Milk. Roxy is a Chihuahua. Both are little ones, Zoe is 6 pounds, Roxy a trim 7.5 pounds. Here's the dealio: These pooches were given up by their former owner who couldn't keep them any longer. It had nothing to do with the dogs, it was an owner issue. The dogs are lifelong friends, so they need to be kept together. They're housebroken, spayed, loving pets who are good to go. They are used to free roam of the house, so be prepared to have them pretty much become your new homeowners. They've been through a lot, so be kind and gentle.

Come and get us: We're available for adoption at 11 am Friday, November 9 at Citizens for Animal Protection (17555 Katy Freeway; 281-497-0591). Tell them, "Ken sent me." And remember, this is Adopt a Senior Pet Month, so let's get cracking on this incredible duo.

Zoe and Roxy are just sayin': I almost had a seizure in a garnish-related food incident. I was enjoying lunch with Bob Martin, the "Accountant to the Stars" last week at Paulie's Po'Boys on W. Holcombe. I went with the Philly Cheesesteak, which is not a common po'boy, but it was absolutely delicious. (I'm such an adventurer.) Anyway, I noticed a large grape on my plate and thought, "this is a nice touch, I love grapes." I popped the grape in my mouth and gave it a good squishing bite, so the juice would cascade over my taste buds.

It was an olive! I hate-hate-hate olives. They're disgusting. How is this even considered a food? I reached for my Diet Pepsi and drained the bottle to extinguish the horrible olive spill in my mouth. This ever happen to you, you think you're eating one thing and it turns out to be something else? A wretched something else? Forget olives, I may never eat another grape — they're too risky. 


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