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Meet Maisie, the whimsical Westie, CultureMap's pet of the week

Meet Maisie, the whimsical Westie, CultureMap's pet of the week

Pet of the week - Maisie Westie
Marvelous Maisie is a scene stealer and a crowd pleaser.  Photo courtesy of Citizens for Animal Protection

Name: Maisie, as in Game of Thrones actress Maisie Williams, dancer Maisie Vargas, model Maisie de Krassel, singer Maisie Peters, and photographer Maisie Cousins.

I have no idea who any of these people are. Usually, when the shelter supplies me with a dog with an unusual name, I just change it to something more suitable, a name that people won't ask you to repeat and explain. But I like Maisie, so it stays.

Birthdate: February 6, 2019. I'm just a pup, consider me a cute lump of clay for you to mold into the perfect pet. Just don't squeeze too hard.

Ethnicity: I'm a West Highland Terrier mix, you know, a Westie, but I'm definitely not from Westworld. If you like a dog with personality, well, I'm personality plus, a real scene-stealer and crowd pleaser. I'm gentle around children and other beasts. I'm playful with a lot of puppy energy.

I'm practically housebroken and easy to train. If you're a talker, I'm a listener. I'm a petite lady, about 13 pounds with only a few more pounds left on my growth chart. If you're a family or a single person, let's get a move on, and get me outta here. Like every pooch here at Citizens for Animal Protection, I'll be spayed, groomed, and checked out by a vet before I sprint out the door.

Come and get me: I'm available for adoption at 11 am Friday, August 9, at Citizens for Animal Protection (17555 Katy Freeway; 281-497-0591). Tell them, "Ken sent me."


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