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3 wealthy Houston neighbors rake in spots among America's richest

3 wealthy Houston neighbors land spots among America's richest

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Pearland residents live well. Photo courtesy of Visit Pearland

Folks live well in Houston and its surrounding suburbs and cities, and a new study illustrates just how well.

A recent ranking from data provider HomeSnacks names three Greater Houston-area neighbors Pearland, League City, and Sugar Land among the richest big cities in the U.S.

HomeSnacks looked at three data points to rank the country’s richest big cities: median household income, unemployment rate, and poverty rate. The study features the 306 U.S. cities with at least 100,000 residents.

Pearland and League City land in the top 10, with Pearland coming in at No. 7 and League City at No. 10. Sugar Land follows further down the list at No. 24.

Residents in Pearland make an average of $102,764 a year, compared to a median home price of $260,300. It also scores a perfect 10 for diversity and high marks (9) for education; 31 percent of Pearland residents boast a bachelor’s degree.

League City, meanwhile, enjoys a good income-to-mortgage ratio, with the average salary there $108,979 compared to an average home price of $258,800. League City also scores well for diversity (9) and education: here, 32 percent of the population has a bachelor’s degree.

Pearland’s unemployment rate was 3.8 percent (ranked 29th) and its poverty rate was 3.5 percent (ranked seventh). In League City, the unemployment rate was 3.9 percent (ranked 32nd), and the poverty rate was 5.4 percent (ranked 13th).

Sitting in the second-richest county in Texas, Sugar Land (No.24) enjoys a perfect 10 score for diversity. Residents here make an average of $123,261; the average home price is $337,600. Known for its smarts, Sugar Land boasts twice the masters degrees average in America: the U.S. average is 9 percent, Sugar Land is 18 percent. Here, 34 percent of residents possess a bachelor’s degree.

In Sugar Land, the unemployment rate was 4.9 percent (No. 93), and the poverty rate was 4.4 percent (No. 24).

Elsewhere in Texas, the Dallas suburb Frisco comes in at No. 3. More North Texas cities include No. 12 McKinney, No. 15 Allen, No. 19 Plano, and No. 23 Carrollton.

The growing Austin neighbor Round Rock ranked No. 37.