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Favorite Houston children's museum rolls out new online toy store

Favorite Houston children's museum rolls out new online toy store

Children's Museum of Houston
The Children's Museum of Houston's beloved toy store is now online.  Children's Museum of Houston/Facebook

Houston schools won’t start classes until September. Myriad summer camps and activities are canceled. Parents looking to entertain their children are, naturally, gripping — but one beloved museum is here to help.

The Children’s Museum of Houston has announced that its favorite in-house toy store, Fiddle Sticks Toys, is joining the virtual ranks. The store, which has been an in-person draw for more than 20 years, offers up educational toys that encourage development in STEM, art, creativity, problem solving, outdoorsy action, and more.

Those looking to shop online can rest assured their money will be well spent: all proceeds from sales will benefit the museum and its child-centered training initiatives. Interested fans can enjoy curbside pickup and delivery at the museum.

To help curious shoppers, the museum has revealed its top 10 items to stimulate young minds. The selections range from spacey sets and bugged-out fun to STEM-themed and scientific gadgets.

  • Outdoor Adventure Kits
  • Solar System String Lights
  • Zoomigos Dog with Tennis Ball Zoomer
  • Caterpillar Crawl
  • Story Craze
  • 100 pc puzzles from Eeboo
  • Aqua Robot
  • Brain Bending Science
  • Kids First Chemistry Set
  • Crystal Growing Experimental Kit

For more information, visit Fiddle Sticks Toys online or call 713-535-7223.