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Orange is the new lunch with KFC's limited-edition Cheetos Sandwich

Orange is the new lunch with KFC's limited-edition Cheetos Sandwich

Drive-thru Gourmet - KFC Cheetos sandwich
This sandwich blends crispy chicken with a "Top 5 orange food." Photo courtesy of KFC

This week, I reached out for a Cheetos Sandwich, new from the No. 1 poultry plucker, KFC, with more than 20,000 restaurants coast to coast and 'round the world. This is a meeting of world powers that actually produces something more than a photo opportunity — a sandwich that everybody can support.

Here's the KFC Cheetos Sandwich breakdown: an extra crispy, deep-fried white meat breast fillet, slathered with Cheetos sauce, a shmear of mayo, and a bed of Cheetos chips on a fluffy bun.

Total calories: 560. Fat grams: 33. Sodium: 1,180 mg. Carbs: 42 g. Dietary fiber: 0 (that's the spirit). Protein: 25 g. Manufacturers' suggested retail price: $5.39. Your mileage may vary.

This is one of those brilliant drive-thru mashups that makes you wonder: what took 'em so long? KFC's extra crispy is a decades-running favorite, with lots of crunchy breading and a real chicken breast, none of that glued and chewed, particle board McNuggets glop. Cheetos are a beloved addition to any meal, even better just by themselves. Give me a family-sized bag and some privacy, please. KFC and Cheetos were a winner waiting to happen.

If you attended the carnival at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo the past couple of years, you may have noticed that Cheetos were everywhere, on everything: on corn, on corndogs, on pizza, on popcorn. They even had Cheetos-flavored cotton candy.

So, give KFC a stuffed toy prize for being the first fast food chain to get on the Cheetos train. Simply put, this is one absolutely genius brainstorm — a delicious, big honking, greasy, cheesy, big chicken, affordable filler-up sandwich.

When buying a diamond, you look for the Four C's: cut, clarity, color and carats. When buying a sandwich at KFC, the four C's are: crispy, crunchy, cost, and Cheetos.

Cheetos easily are a Top 5 orange food, right alongside Creamsicles, sweet potato fries, cantaloupes, and Buffalo wings. Heck, Cheetos may be tops. Raise an orange-colored finger and shout it loud: "We're No. 1."

If you think this is a one-off marriage of KFC and Cheetos, well, you've got another thing coming. Probably more than one more thing. Already KFC has hinted at Cheetos and Hot Wings, Cheetos Loaded Fries, and Mac and Cheetos.

To celebrate National Fried Chicken Day (July 6), KFC is offering free delivery July 4-7 through Grubhub. The cost is usually $3.99. So, good deal.


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