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South Texas College of Law gets a new name but UH law school doesn't like it

South Texas College of Law gets a new name but UH doesn't like it

new Houston College of Law logo
The new logo of the Houston College of Law. Courtesy photo

The name South Texas College of Law has always been a little confusing. Seems like it should be located in Corpus Christi rather than downtown Houston.

Officials have finally done something about it. South Texas College of Law administrators and board of directors announced Wednesday that the 93-year-old law school is officially changing its name to Houston College of Law.

The decision came after a market research firm conducted a comprehensive feasibility study to analyze the school’s brand recognition and focus groups were conducted with thousands of individuals representing students, alumni, faculty, staff, and members of the legal community. President and Dean Donald J. Guter said it became clear that "the name change is consistent with the law school’s strategic plan and is pivotal to its efforts to further distinguish itself regionally and nationally."

The law school was established in 1923 to give working professionals the opportunity to pursue a legal education, Guter added in statement. “We believe this is a transformative moment in the law school’s history that recognizes our past, increases our regional and national profile, and better aligns where we are today with where we want to be tomorrow.”

Other than the name change, things will remain the same at the law school, officials said. A list of answers to frequently-asked questions about the name change is posted a special page on the law school's website.

The newly named law school is not to be confused with crosstown rival, the University of Houston Law Center. UPDATE: Late Wednesday, the University of Houston Law Center expressed concern about the confusion that might result from South Texas College of Law's decision to change its name to Houston College of Law, releasing the following statement:

It has come to the University of Houston’s attention that South Texas College of Law has announced that it is changing its name to Houston College of Law.  The University of Houston Law Center has an established history of nearly 70 years in the City of Houston. The University of Houston is concerned about the significant confusion this creates in the marketplace and will take any and all appropriate legal actions to protect the interests of our institution, our brand and our standing in the communities we serve.


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