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Ken Hoffman on the controversial sports radio host joining ESPN 97.5 FM

Hoffman on the controversial sports radio host joining ESPN 97.5 FM

Josh Innes
Controversial radio host joins ESPN 97.5 FM. Josh Innes/Facebook
Michael Jordan, Yvette Prieto, birthday
Who would you take: Jordan or LeBron? Photo by Omar Vega/Invision for Jordan Brand
Pet of the week - Raymond
Meet Raymond, whom everyone loves, CultureMap's pet of the week. Photo courtesy of Citizens for Animal Protection
Josh Innes
Michael Jordan, Yvette Prieto, birthday
Pet of the week - Raymond

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard that controversial talk host Josh Innes has joined the on-air lineup at ESPN 97.5 FM. Radio people are such gossips. Plus the station isn’t exactly keeping this a secret.

The plan is for Innes to solo host the 2-4 pm slot. Where this leads, and whether he eventually will be joined on the show by his wife Jilly and/or former producer-friend Jim Mudd from his time on another station, nobody knows. But for now, starting today …

CultureMap: How did this deal with ESPN 97.5 come about?

Josh Innes: I saw that 97.5 was going to air The Will Cain Show (from 2-4 pm). I sent (ESPN 97.5 program director) A.J. Hoffman a text and told him I’d do the show for a share of the revenue. He’s allowed me to use the facilities for various fill-in work and I’ve done a few shows on 97.5. I wanted to repay him with some quality content.

CM: On your podcast, you often talk about "past mistakes" and how you've learned from them. What mistakes are you talking about, and what did you learn?

JI: The mistakes I reference are usually those that involve inner-office politics. I’m not a bad guy. But too often I’ve let petty BS derail my career path. I rarely started the drama with co-workers, but I always felt the need to finish it. That has been my biggest downfall. What I’ve learned in my time away is that none of that matters. Petty, small people will always be there to try to tear you down. Why make it easy for them?

CM: It's always entertaining when you talk about the radio industry and former co-workers and stations. Will you continue to do that?

JI: Of course. I think people find that interesting. I want to talk with former co-workers on the show.

CM: Where do you hope the new show on ESPN 97.5 leads?

JI: I hope this leads 97.5 to ratings and financial success. I always want to win for those who give me a chance. If that happens, this could lead me anywhere. That could be 97.5. That could be another city.
CM: You often say, 'I know what it takes to win.' What do you mean by that?

JI: I am a student of the game. I’ve been around it my whole life. I live it. Passion combined with ability can take you a long way. I’ve proven I know how to achieve success. I’ve done it everywhere. History has proven I can’t sustain success because I am my own worst enemy. As Marty McFly said, 'Well, history is gonna change.'

MJ or LeBron?

This past Sunday night, I had the same feeling when the closing credits rolled for The Last Dance that I had when Curb Your Enthusiasm had its 2020 finale back in March — television depression. Whatever’s next won’t come close.

But my bottom line after watching all 10 episodes of the Michael Jordan The Last Dance series … I’ll still take LeBron. All things equal, take the bigger guy. I always think, when it comes to sports, whoever’s the greatest now, is the greatest ever. Also, while we’d all like to have Jordan’s fame and certainly fortune, I not sure I want to be like Mike. He seems to be an incomplete person.

With COVID-19 keeping many of us stuck in our homes for safety and backyards for fresh air — doesn’t it make sense to ban gas-powered grass blowers, at least for the next few months? They're noise pollution and a health hazard in the year of coronavirus. Gas-powered blowers stir up dust for sure, and infected droplets for maybe. When you take a walk in the neighborhood, and yard workers are using gas blowers, it’s like walking through a dust storm. Yard workers can use a rake until the all-clear sign goes up.

Stik with this for safety
Recently, I wrote about people being advised not to touch elevator buttons, so they’re using keys to push their floor number, which is resulting in widespread broken and cracked elevator buttons. Here’s reader Anthony Lozano with a way to save your fingers from touching possibly infectious elevator buttons, and elevator buttons safe from sharp metal keys.

Necessity is the mother of invention, and Lozano’s creation is called TouchStik, It’s designed to let you push elevator, ATM and credit card buttons safely, without breaking any buttons. He says the health issue with using keys to push elevator buttons is, the key could pick up an infected droplet, and you shove the key in your pocket.

The virus could live on your key for several hours, so the next time you touch the key … not good. TouchStik comes with a soft tip, so you won’t break any buttons. When you’re done using TouchStik, it fits into a snug holder that you quirt a little hand sanitizer into, to keep the device safe to use next time. 

Meet Raymond, CultureMap's pet of the week
Meet Raymond, as in Raymond Burr, and Everybody Loves Ray Romano. Raymond is an American Staffordshire mix, 18 months old and weighs a solid 60 pounds of twisted steel and pooch appeal. Raymond is a lover who doesn’t know his own strength, so you may have to teach him not to bowl you over when he wants to give you a smooch.

He is house-trained and a real comedian. If you’re interested in adopting Raymond, drop an email to adoptions@cap4pets.org. Tell ‘em I sent you so you’ll get the special “Friends Deal.”

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