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Meet Chief, the big, brawny brindle, CultureMap's pet of the week

Meet Chief, the big, brawny brindle, CultureMap's pet of the week

Pet of the week - Chief brindle
Big Chief is 72 pounds of friendly, lovable, cuddly fun.  Photo courtesy of Citizens for Animal Protection

Name: Chief, as in wrestling legend Chief Jay Strongbow, Perry ("Don't call me Chief") on the Superman TV series, Chief Iron Eyes Cody from the pro-environment TV commercial, and any player who recently won the Super Bowl. 

Birthdate: January 16, 2016. I am just entering the prime of my life, and I'm in fantastic shape, so I've got a long, long, long (song by George Harrison on the Beatles' White Album) way to go. 

Ethnicity: I ain't nothin' but a hound dog, a large fella, tipping the scales at 72 pounds of twisted steel and sex appeal. Here's my dealio. I love playing fetch, but I'm scared of riding in the car. I must have had a bad experience somewhere in my distant past. We all carry some baggage with us, right?

I will go to the door in your house when I need a potty break. I'm very shy and submissive around other dogs, so I might do best in a one-dog home. I'm a gentle, happy-go-lucky guy.

Come and get me: Here's how you can adopt me for our forever home. The Citizens for Animal Protection shelter is closed to the public, but for me, they're making special arrangements. Just email adoptions@cap4pets.org and tell the kind people there that you'd like to meet me and see if we make a love connection. They'll get back to you with an appointment when we can meet. Hopefully, I'll be in your backseat for the ride home. Tell them "Ken sent me."

Just think, you'll adopt the only dog all week at CAP! That's quite and honor, and if you asked me, you'll get the best one, too. I promise that you and I will become fast buddies. Love has a way of finding pups around this place. 


Meet the lovable pets at Citizens for Animal Protection online.