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Houstonians work too hard: We spend more time on the job than practically anyone

Houstonians work too hard: We're on the job longer than almost anyone

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A new report indicates that Houston workers are actually working more hours than almost any other metro area in the nation.

If you've ever felt like you work too many hours at your job, you might actually be right.

A new report released by the New York City Comptroller profiles the average amount of hours spent working in each of the nation's 30 largest cities. Houston comes in at No. 4 on the list with locals spending an average of 43.44 hours on the job each week.

The U.S. city that works the most is San Francisco where employees clock an average of 44.01 hours working every week. Washington, D.C. and Charlotte, N.C. tied for the No. 2 spot with an average of 43.5 hours.

 Houstonians spend the fourth most time working and commuting in total, averaging 47.77 hours each week.

 The largest cities in Texas ranked extremely high on the list — five cities were included in the Top 10 — with Fort Worth at No. 5 (43.43 hours), Austin at No. 6 (43.27 hours), San Antonio at No. 8 (43.04 hours) and Dallas at No. 10 (42.56 hours).

For reference, the average among the 30 largest cities in the U.S. is 42.2 hours per week. While New York City is purportedly the city that never sleeps, the city actually didn't even crack the Top 10, coming in at No. 12 with 42.5 hours.

While working more than 40 hours a week might not sound all that bad, the time it takes to get to and from work is another factor.

According to the report, New Yorkers spend an average of 6.18 hours each week on their commute — the highest in the nation — which is nearly an hour more than any other city in the nation. In comparison, Houston workers spend 4.33 hours commuting each week, coming in at No. 9 for the longest metro commutes in the country.

Houstonians spend the fourth most time working and commuting in total, averaging 47.77 hours each week.

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