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Pet of the week: Presidential pup Wilson vetoes primary voting fails in Houston

Pet of the week: Presidential pup Wilson vetoes primary voting fails

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Pet of the week Wilson has some (inarguable) new rules for primary voting in Houston.  Courtesy photo

Pethouse Pet of the Week

Name: Wilson, as in President Woodrow, Wicked Wilson Pickett, Heart’s Nancy and Ann, and Tim Allen’s neighbor on Home Improvement.

Birthdate: Feb. 23, 2013. I’m in the prime of life. Unlike many sports talk hosts, I’m not taking testosterone shots for extra oomph.

Ethnicity: I’m part-Pub, part-Terrier (mostly Terrier). I’m a frisky little guy, who’ll do best in a home with women and children. I’m a little skittish around men. I like car rides, running, and playing fetch. I’m a big fave with the crew at Citizens for Animal Protection. They’ll tell you that I’m sweet and loving. I’m good with that description.

Come and get me: I'm available for adoption at 11 am Friday at Citizens for Animal Protection (17555 Katy Freeway; 281-497-0591). Tell them, “Ken sent me.”

What's on Wilson's mind?

Generally speaking, I’m okay with free elections and democracy...but there’s something very wrong with the primary system. Whatever happened to the whole “secret ballot” stuff?

The reason you get all those annoying phone calls — and candidates knocking on your door during campaign season — is because politicians are allowed to see who voted in primaries, and which party you voted for. Let’s say you’re a Republican and you voted in the Republican primary. You can count on Republican candidates calling and pestering you the next election cycle. Same for Democrats.

It's enough to make you not want to vote sometimes. We just had an election in my part of town that would make the dunk booth at the county fair look dignified.

Candidates can’t quit me 
One candidate — I swear it’s true — called me seven times and knocked on my door twice. I finally told his representative, “One more call, and I’m switching parties, and I’ll put a sign in my yard and campaign for the other side.”

To borrow from Bill Maher. New rule: Whether you vote — and for what party — in primaries, should be kept secret.


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