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Ken Hoffman on how Rockets fans can score free Chick-fil-A

Ken Hoffman on how Rockets fans can score free Chick-fil-A

James Harden Stephen Curry
It's time to fast-forward to a Rockets/Warriors 7-game series... Photo by Getty Images
Chick fil A original sandwich
...especially with Chick-fil-A's new "fowl shot" promotion at Toyota Center.  Courtesy photo
Pet of the Week_Hoffman_Blue_Catahoula
Adorable dogs and cats are available for adoption for half off at Citizens for Animal Protection's Spring event.  Photo by Jayce Fernandez
James Harden Stephen Curry
Chick fil A original sandwich
Pet of the Week_Hoffman_Blue_Catahoula

I’ve got a question about Chick-fil-A’s new promotion with the Houston Rockets: If an opposing player “misses two consecutive 'fowl' shots” during the 4th quarter of a Rockets home game, fans at Toyota Center can redeem their tickets for a free Classic Chicken Sandwich.

Here’s what I’m wondering. Let’s say Steph Curry is fouled in the act of shooting. He gets two free throws. He sinks the first, but misses the second. A few minutes later, Curry is fouled again, and misses the first free throw, but makes the second. Does that count as “missing two consecutive fowl shots?" I’m told no, that doesn’t qualify for a freebie sandwich. But it should. He missed two in a row. Let’s get the Bill Adler, the “Texas Hammer” on this case.

What’s scarier, lawyer Bill Adler’s commercials with him wielding a sledgehammer — or failed “$6 Million” candidate Kathleen Wall’s spots with her pointing a rifle like Jed Clampett "shootin' at some food?"

Hilarious. The Beatles once sang, “Money Can’t Buy Me Love.”

Can’t buy elections, either.

There’s a movement among top Hollywood stars to add an “inclusion rider” to their contracts, so women and minorities get a fair shot. How’s this one? In contracts for their U.S. tours in the ’60s, the Beatles insisted they “not be required to perform in front of a segregated audience.”

Sonic's onion rings secret?
I think I’ve figured out whey Sonic Drive-In onion rings taste so fantastic: I think they use funnel cake batter on their o-rings.

Your laundry is shaken, not stirred
Laundry day tip from Sears: throw a few ice cubes in the dryer with your clothes. As the cubes melt, they’ll create steam which will limit wrinkling.

Today’s trivia: 
Who is the only artist to hit No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot 100, adult contemporary, adult pop, country, and dance charts?

Let's just skip to Rockets/Warriors
The NBA might as well call off the season now and let the Golden State Warriors and Houston Rockets play a 7-game series for the championship. No other team, including Toronto or Boston in the east, is close. The NBA Finals this year will be anticlimactic. That’s why the league needs to re-seed teams for the playoffs.

Half-off pet adoptions
Citizens for Animal Protection is holding its annual Spring Fling, March 10 through March 15, and March 17 to March 18. All adoptions are half-price. Good on West Houston Subaru for sponsoring this event.

Trivia answer: Kelly Clarkson.