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When will freezing temps end? What to expect in Houston this weekend

When will freezing temps end? What to expect in Houston this weekend

Houston drone footage ice on roofs ABC-13
Houstonians will finally get a reprieve from the freeze today. Photo by Luke Abrahams

Editor's note: Our content partner ABC-13/The Eyewitness News weather team is closely monitoring the Winter Storm Warning for our area. Look for live updates and video all day. 

You'll want your warm winter coat again on Thursday, January 18. ABC-13 meteorologist Travis Herzog said a hard freeze warning remained in effect north of I-10 until 9 am, as temperatures have fallen below 25 degrees.

A deck of clouds blowing in from the southwest will limit our sunshine and limit our warming. Herzog says where the clouds stay thick all day, temperatures will remain stuck in the 30s, but areas that receive a little sun should warm into the 40s.

With the blanket of clouds overhead in the evening, temperatures should stay above freezing almost everywhere.

Herzog expects drizzle and light rain to start falling from those clouds Friday, with even more wet and foggy weather blowing in Saturday and Sunday, as temperatures climb all the way into the 70s.

A Pacific cool front blowing in late Sunday could bring a round of late thunderstorms. Herzog says the air blowing in behind this front will be milder than the recent Arctic blast, so no freezing temperatures are expected in Houston next week.