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Construction on Bissonnet from Buffalo Speedway to Kirby near completion

Construction on Bissonnet from Buffalo Speedway to Kirby nears end

Bissonnet Buffalo Speedway contruction map
The open lanes mean good news for West U residents and commuters.  Image courtesy of ABC13

Finally, some good news for Houston drivers. This week all lanes on Bissonnet will reopen in both directions between Buffalo Speedway and Kirby after more than two years of construction. Contractors have also made big progress in completing the lanes just east of Kirby, which are expected to open next week.

Crews will now begin working on sidewalks, lighting, and landscaping, with the goal of finishing in March. The project has made access to local businesses challenging, and was not without a few hiccups.

Construction started in the summer of 2016, but was halted in October 2016 due to contractor dispute and termination.

The project did not include widening any lanes, but did provide water and drainage upgrades, relocation of overhead utilities underground and new sidewalks.


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