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Cutting-edge Houston street artists make their mark at this EaDo exhibit

Cutting-edge Houston street artists make their mark at EaDo exhibit

Donkeeboy mural Houston Astros
Look for locally inspired art, such as a piece from Houston artist Donkeeboy.  Donkeeyboy/Instagram

Few areas in Houston boast a higher hipness quotient than EaDo. Fitting, then, that a new pop-up gallery uses the neighborhood as the site of an immersive and totally Insta-worthy street art experience.

Playhaus, HTX, housed at Commerce Street, mixes the edginess of street art with the tradition of a gallery show. Julie Gray, the mastermind of Playhaus HTX, was inspired to create the pop-up after Harvey.

“In the aftermath of the hurricane, I saw so much depth and beauty in the culture and people here,” Gray said in a statement. “It really inspired me to want to create a space for myself and other artists to express our thoughts and feelings through our art.”

Playhaus HTX takes guests through a variety of concepts and rooms, where modern art meets street art, according to a release. All 11 pieces in the show are created by cutting-edge local talent. Visitors can expect hand-painted murals and interactive exhibits — all of which promise social media photo opps. The exhibit is on a limited run through September 1.

Fans of local art may immediately recognize some of the participating names: Franky Cardona, The OneLee, Adam Fein, Israel Rodriguez, Erik Del Rio, Sylvia Roman, Alex Roman (aka Donkeeboy), and Revelry Goods.

For Gray, Playhaus, HTX is a chance to bring the street art indoors, mix and mingle with local artists, and perhaps broaden the understanding of art as a whole. “Art is not just what you see in museums, and I want to educate people about that,” said Gray. “Art can be dirty, art can be clean. Art is not what you see; it’s how you choose to look at it.”


Playhaus HTX – Pop-Up Art Gallery, opens Friday, June 21, and runs through September 1 at 2409 Commerce St. Tickets are $38; admission is free for children 2 years old and under.