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Fan who threw Dodgers' home run back on the field and his sister-in-law speak out

Fan who threw Dodgers' home run back on the field speaks out

Sarah and Kirk Head threw Dodgers' home run ball back on field
Sarah and Kirk Head said they planned on throwing back a home run from the Dodgers all along. Courtesy of ABC13/center photo, Eric Gay/AP

Kirk Head says he bought seats in the Crawford boxes with the intent of catching a Dodger home run and throwing the ball back. He didn't plan on having to pry it from his sister-in-law's grip in order to make that happen.

Yasiel Puig's two-run homer sailed into the Crawford boxes over left field.

"It just felt like...really, that ball was in slow motion, coming at you, falling out of the sky slowly at you," said Sarah Head, who caught the home run ball in the top of the 9th inning.

The ball bounced off another fan's glove and Sarah found herself holding it. "A few seconds, you're like, 'Oh my gosh, I caught the ball.' Then you're like, 'Oh! Oh! There goes the ball!" Sarah said, with a laugh.

Sarah's brother-in-law ripped it from her grasp, and lobbed it back on the field.

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