Playoff Fever

Game on! Sylvester Turner makes playoff wager with NYC mayor on Astros-Yankees series

Game on! Sylvester Turner makes wager with NYC mayor on Astros-Yankees

Houston, Kolache Shoppe The Heights, June 2017, owners Randy and Lucy Hines
Sylvester Turner will send treats from Kolache Shoppe to Bill de Blasio if the Yankees win. Courtesy photo

As the Astros and Yankees prepare to square off in the American League Championship Series tonight, Houston has a full blown case of playoff fever. Even Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner has expressed his support for the Astros by making a friendly wager with New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Since this is 2017, Turner initiated the conversation on Twitter by challenging de Blasio.

@NYCMayor wasted no time responding, offering up two NYC treats should the Astros prevail.

Since matching de Blasio cannoli for cannoli wouldn't be very Houston, Turner chose the city's favorite pastry plus craft beer for his half of the wager. 

We'd say NYC is getting the better end of the deal. After all, Houstonians have a few solid cannoli options, but good luck finding a decent kolache north of the Red River. Hopefully the Astros prevail and Turner gets the chance to make another wager with either the mayor of Los Angeles or Chicago.