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Andre Johnson spanked in butt by overexcited female fan: Which is still better than the Colts treated the Texans

Andre Johnson spanked in butt by female fan: Colts still did worse

With as infrequently as the Houston Texans throw Andre Johnson the ball in the end zone, you never know when you're going to see a touchdown catch from the Greatest Texan Ever.

So maybe a blonde Texans fan could be excused for getting a little too excited over having Andre Johnson in her lap. OK, a lot too excited. Picture Melissa McCarthy in Bridesmaids excited.

 She slapped Johnson on the butt again and again and again . . . and again. Really, she wasn't going to stop until Johnson moved away. 

After Johnson made one of the more athletic touchdown catches you'll see, going up and snaring a speeding Ryan Fitzpatrick pass with a Colts cornerback right there, he jumped into the stands in an NRG Stadium version of the Lambeau Leap. Once Johnson got into the stands, one blonde woman took the customary patting the player on the back routine to the extreme.

She slapped Johnson on the butt again and again and again . . . and again. Really, she wasn't going to stop until Johnson removed himself from the situation.

When Texans center Chris Myers came over to help Johnson down, he found himself performing something of an unexpected rescue.

Of course with the way this Texans-Colts game started, a little levity was more than welcome at NRG Stadium. The Texans trailed 24-0 in their national TV Thursday Night Football showcase before Johnson's touchdown catch. The Colts treated the Texans and Johnson worse than that butt-slapping fiend.

Indianapolis out gained the Texans 218-2 in the first quarter. Yes, 218 to 2. It's hard to be that badly out played in an NFL game. You have to work at it.

But maybe a good butt slap is what it took to rouse Bill O'Brien's team out of its stupor. Johnson kept making plays after his unusual encounter in the stands. His 26-yard catch-and-run in third quarter set up a touchdown that pulled the Texans within 27-21. Earlier, Johnson became the second-fastest player in NFL history to break the 13,000 yard mark behind only the indomitable Jerry Rice.

You know it's an interesting night when joining the rarified company of Jerry Rice in something isn't even the most memorable part of it. 

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Andre Johnson made big catches and got a spanking from a female fan, but he still could not enjoy the Houston Texans' Thursday Night Football showcase. Photo by © Michelle Watson/