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Sports stars and Houstonians rally around inspirational young Astros fan

Sports stars, Houstonians rally around inspirational young Astros fan

Lance McCullers, Jr throwing
Astros ace Lance McCullers Jr. has offered a ticket and jersey to the young fan.  Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

It's likely been a whirlwind last few days for a young Astros fan whose day out at the ballpark turned into a story that grabbed national headlines and garnered her fierce support from sports fans and athletes like.

While cheering on the Astros' during the game that she and her mom attended on September 23, eight-year-old Chloe Beaver yelled "Swing batter!" As her mom was recording Chloe's excitement, she also captured the moment that another fan told her to stop, causing her to burst into tears.

"[She made me feel] a little bit guilty 'cause I'm annoying and nobody says that to me," Chloe tells Eyewitness News.

What Chloe's mother, Monica Beaver, says that other woman didn't know is that Chloe has a disorder called DMDD — or disruptive mood dysregulation disorder — which causes her to have a harder time expressing her emotions.

Monica Beaver uploaded the video of the scolding on social media to talk about her daughter's disorder. Since then, the post went viral, reaching Astros players and Houstonians who want to make it clear they have Chloe's back.

The support started with Tyler White, Brandon Bailey, Josh Reddick, and Lance McCullers Jr., who all reacted on Twitter with the same message: "Keep cheering."

"Don't let anybody tell you to stop cheering! If they don't like it, then they can go home," Reddick said.

"Chloe, please cheer at the games as loud as you can, and if anyone tells you to stop, cheer louder," White echoed.

"Your passion and dedication for your favorite team does not go unnoticed, Chloe," Bailey added. McCullers shared the same sentiment, chiming in with an incredible offer for Chloe.

"I would love for you to cheer us on, as LOUD as you can, during ALDS game 1 in MMP! I would be honored to leave you a ticket!" McCullers said.

Since that invite on September 26, the number of people backing up Chloe has only grown. Along with getting a retweet about the game tickets from J.J. Watt, one man offered to pay for a custom jersey for Chloe, which McCullers said he has covered. Either way, Chloe will definitely have plenty of stylish Astros outfits to choose from.

After seeing McCullers' tweet, Academy Sports and Outdoors says it's ready to hook up Chloe with ALDS gear. If she's looking to ride in style, that's taken care of, too: Roc Borjas, the owner of a 2018 Vanderhall Venice has offered to give her the ride of her life in his Astros-themed vehicle. He says he'd like to surprise her.

But showing support for Chloe hasn't just come in physical form.


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