Watch out for these 5 'hot' takes in the wake of Super Bowl LII

Watch out for these 5 'hot' takes in the wake of Super Bowl LII

Super Bowl LII Nick Foles
The Eagles and quarterback Nick Foles pulled off a stunning upset — which makes for "hot" day-after speculation. Photo by Kiel Leggere/Philadelphia Eagles

Super Bowl LII turned out to be a thriller, and the Philadelphia Eagles are your new NFL champions.

As always, there will be instant overreactions.  If there is one thing you can count on, it's "hot takes" from talking heads and writers hoping to boost ratings and page views. Here are five that you'll see today that are silly, "hot take" clickbait-type stuff — and why they won't happen.

1. The Eagles should trade Carson Wentz.
Hey, they just won their first ever Super Bowl with Nick Foles at quarterback. Why can't they do it again? What do you think the Browns would pay for Wentz? Philly could load up on draft picks and make multiple runs with Foles at quarterback.

The reality: Wentz is a special talent who will be the man in Philly for a long time. Foles was terrific in the playoffs and should start somewhere. But this is Wentz's team moving forward.

2. Tom Brady is done.
He gave up a strip sack fumble in the clutch on Sunday and can no longer mount comebacks. At 40, it is time to hang it up.

The reality: Um, he did the comeback thing just two weeks ago. He threw for over 500 yards against the Eagles. Brady can probably play until he is 50.

3. The Patriots lost three Super Bowls. They aren't that great.

The reality: This is the greatest dynasty of the Super Bowl era. Five titles, eight trips to the Super Bowl, a contender year in and year out. That they have been this good this long in the salary cap era trumps anything done before.

4. The Patriots won't get out of the AFC next year.

The reality: While they will be favored, this might not be a stretch. The Steelers still have the most offensive talent in football. Jacksonville is not a fluke and will be back in the mix next year. Even the Texans with a healthy Deshaun Watson could be a threat. But New England will enter the season as favorites to make the Super Bowl again unless Bill Belichick bails.

5. This was the best Super Bowl ever.

The reality: Um, remember last year? Possibly top five and it was a great game to watch, but it is not in the same category as some of the other Super Bowls. But you can bet someone will be spouting that today.


Fred Faour is the editor of SportsMap, and hosts "The Blitz" weekdays at 4 pm on ESPN 97.5.