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Cheers to Thanksgiving! Bars where you can dodge relative drama

Cheers to Thanksgiving! Bars where you can dodge relative drama

News_Marcy de Luna_Thanksgiving_gingerbread man at flora
The "Gingerbread Man" at Flora & Muse

It's not just about selfishly escaping a house full of crazy relatives; I can think of countless reasons to go out and grab drink on Thanksgiving Day. You have such a solid food base, it’s a shame to waste it, and drinking is good for digestion; you can get your exercise in and walk that massive meal off with a pub crawl; staying out all night means you can hit the Black Friday sales early; and perhaps most convincingly, it's Thursday – why buck tradition for Thanksgiving? 

We knew you didn't need much convincing, so here are a few places to throw back a drink this Thursday night:

Sawyer Park will open at 3 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day. Catch the UT/A&M game and enjoy $2 Mexican beers in addition to food and cocktail specials. Kickoff is at 7 p.m.

Monarch at the Hotel ZaZa is open and will offer a Thanksgiving feast in the restaurant in addition to full service at the bar.

The Front Porch Pub opens at 5 p.m. with happy hour specials until 7 p.m. — 50 cents off all beers and mixed drinks, $8 domestic pitchers and $2 Pearl Beer.

The Owl on Kirby will open at 9 p.m. Turkey Day specials include $1 Lone Stars and $3 Jagermeister.

Kenneally's Irish Pub is open for business at 3 p.m. on Thursday. Order $2.50 Miller Lights and $2.25 Pabst Blue Ribbon until 6 p.m. and, if you’re tired of traditional Thanksgiving fare, try the pizza.

The Railyard is serving up $4 frozen margaritas in River Oaks for fans wanting a familiar spot to watch the game.

Big Star Bar will serve $2 Lone Stars and $4 Jagermeister on Thanksgiving night in the Heights.

The specials at Grand Prize (BSB owner Brad Moore's Montrose haunt) include $2 Lone Stars as well as $1 Pabst Blue Ribbon and $3 frozen drinks until 8 p.m.

Little Woodrow’s in Midtown will open its doors at 6 p.m for $3 frozen mimosas and plenty of football.

Ron’s Pub opens at 6 p.m for $2.50 domestic beers and $4 imports. In a nod to the holiday, Ron’s will also offer $4 Wild Turkey and American Honey.

Flora & Muse at CityCentre is open Thanksgiving night and will feature a holiday cocktail for the occasion called The Gingerbread Man. It’s a mix of Navan Vanilla Bean, St. Elizabeth Dram Callspice, Punt E Mas and Ginger Simple Syrup. It’s the perfect Thanksgiving Day dessert!

Special mention: Benjy’s in the Village. It might be closed on Thanksgiving night, but stop by this week and try the pumpkin martini, which consists of gin, pumpkin puree and Frangelico and is topped with fresh handmade whipped cream.