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Houston's most talented sushi chef is already making a comeback after closing: New restaurant in motion

Houston's most talented sushi chef's making a comeback after closing

LLS Triniti Chris Kinjo MF Sushi
Chris Kinjo is no longer affiliated with MF Sushi's Galleria-area location, but he plans to reemerge in the Museum District next year. Photo by Daniel Ortiz Photography

Since MF Sushi closed two weeks ago, sushi lovers throughout Houston have wondered what uber-talented chef Chris Kinjo would do next. The good news is that Kinjo isn't fleeing Houston to return to Atlanta. The bad news is that he won't return to a restaurant until next year.

He also won't be going back to cook in any of his old haunts.

 Kinjo says that he has plans to sign a lease on a space in the Museum District as early as next week. 

"I'm letting you know that I am no longer affiliated with that location and am working with my lawyers to resolve my involvement with that location," Kinjo tells CultureMap via text message. Kinjo is concerned that his former business partner may try to reopen the Galleria-area sushi restaurant that bears his "Magic Fingers" nickname and wants people to know not to expect his signature flair if they choose to dine there.

Kinjo says that he has plans to sign a lease on a space in the Museum District as early as next week for a new restaurant that should be open in February or March. MC2 Architects, the local firm that earned a James Beard Award nomination for its work in designing Triniti, will be handling the design. 

"It's going to be a major upgrade," Kinjo promises. Hopefully, MC2 can complete its work quickly. Kata Robata chef Manabu Horiuchi (aka, Hori-san) is a local treasure, but a city of Houston's size deserves at least two sushi chefs who can hold their own against just about anyone in the country. 

Come back soon, Chris Kinjo. We miss you.