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New over-the-top doughnut shop serves up wild flavors to Houston

New over-the-top doughnut shop serves up wild flavors to Houston

Hurts Donut
Hurts Donut opens on Thursday.  Hurts Donut Houston Texas/Facebook

An over-the-top new doughnut shop debuts near Memorial Park on Thursday, October 22. Hurts Donut will replace the shuttered Dunkin' Donuts at 5801 Memorial Dr., the establishment announced on Facebook.  

Founded in 2014 by husband-and-wife duo Tim and Kas Clegg, Hurts can grown from its original home in Springfield, Missouri, to over 20 locations in nine states. The shop distinguishes itself with its name — a pun for a relatively harmless childhood prank — and being open all the time, "25/8" in the company's parlance.

Hurts serves all the usual flavors, but it's primarily known for over-the-top, candy-covered varieties like the E.T. (covered in Reese's Pieces), the Cookie Monster (blue frosting and cookie dough), and the Cotton Candy. Customers will also find giant, oversized cinnamon rolls. 

Locations are known for their bright colors and loud music, QSR magazine reports. “It’s been referred to as the Hard Rock Café of doughnut shops,” founder Tim Clegg told the publication. 

This new cafe replaces Hurts original outpost that opened on the western edge of Katy in 2017. While the location on Memorial Drive would seem well suited to serving both downtown workers look for a treat on their way to the office and area revelers looks for sweets after a night at the bars/restaurants nearby, it is also in direct competition with Voodoo Doughnut. The Portland-based, cult doughnut caused a minor sensation when it opened on Washington Avenue in mid-January.