Underbelly at the Emmys

Emmy host's after-party features a taste of Houston, and Matt Damon couldn't get enough

Emmy after-party features a taste of Houston enjoyed by Matt Damon

Underbelly Chris Shepherd Emmy Awards
Underbelly at the Emmy Awards. Chris Shepherd/Instagram

Some of television’s brightest stars got a little taste of Houston Sunday night, courtesy of Underbelly chef-owner Chris Shepherd. The James Beard Award winner, along with Underbelly sous chef Gary Ly and Shepherd’s long-time girlfriend Lindsey Brown, served the restaurant’s signature Korean goat and dumplings at Jimmy Kimmel’s Emmy Awards after-party.

Both Shepherd and Brown posted a couple of pictures to Instagram from the night.


Our station tonight. Proud to represent Houston at Jimmy Kimmel's Emmy After Party. #HoustonLove #HoustonInHollywood

A photo posted by Underbelly (@underbellyhou) on

Sep 18, 2016 at 5:34pm PDT



Team UB. #Emmys2016 #jimmykimmel

A photo posted by Lindsey Brown (@htownlindseybrown) on

Sep 18, 2016 at 9:24pm PDT


Brown tells CultureMap that Shepherd received the invitation after showing some of Kimmel's staff around Houston. Underbelly joined a number of high-profile restaurants from across the country at the event, which took place at an outdoor space called The Lot that borders Oprah's OWN Studios. Other participants included Arizona's famed Pizzeria Bianco, San Francisco's Tartine Bakery, innovative New York steakhouse Prime Meats, meat-centric Los Angeles restaurant Animal, and barbecue expert Adam Perry Lang.  

Houstonians are well-acquainted with the dish, which is the only savory item that's maintained a permanent place on Underbelly's menu since the restaurant opened in 2012. The braised goat gets serious heat from gochujang sauce and a little sweetness from sesame seeds. The chewy rice dumplings are seared for a little textural contrast with the meat. 

The dumplings must have offered a welcome contrast to the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches Kimmel served to the audience. According to Brown, Matt Damon ate three portions, and Shepherd served Damon's wife a vegetarian version.