High-end Pizza & Donuts Spot

High-end pizza, beer, donuts and much more: Buzzed over new restaurant-bakery-bar promises to surprise

High-end pizza, beer & donuts: Buzzed over new restaurant to surprise

Heath Wendell, Mike Sammons, Richard Kaplan, Ian Rosenberg, owners of Weight + Measures
Heath Wendell, left, with Mike Sammons, Richard Kaplan and Ian Rosenberg: the people responsible for Weights + Measures. Photo by Clifford Pugh

Details have begun to emerge about Weights + Measures, the combined restaurant, bakery and bar in Midtown that brings together some of Houston's most dynamic service industry personalities that's set to open this fall in Midtown. As first reported by CultureMap back in June, the project brings together Ian Rosenberg and Mike Sammons, the forces behind 13 Celsius and Mongoose versus Cobra, with chef Richard Kaplan of Brown Paper Chocolates and Slow Dough Bread Co's Heath Wendell and Marlo Evans to create a combined venture that promises to be a major addition to Houston's bar and restaurant scene.

"We see tremendous opportunity as Houston continues to evolve,” Rosenberg said in a statement. “Weights and Measures is reminiscent of some of the most comfortable places we’ve ever been, from a slower, simpler time. We’re creating an environment that inspires our customers to slow down a little bit and enjoy every moment."

 Shag carpeting and fabric sofas add a retro feel and help to balance the space's industrial look. 

The complex takes its name from the government agencies tasked with ensuring that retailers sold consumers a full pound or a full pint. The organizers explain that the idea of getting old-fashioned value for money is at the heart of W&M. 

The first aspect of the project to open will be Sammons's cocktail bar Love and Squalor. Named after a J.D. Salinger short story, L&S will feature an "hundreds" of bottled beers, a "succinct" wine list and a cocktail menu that mixes 1970s classics with more modern interpretations. Sammons even promised Chronicle critic Alison Cook that he could make a pina colada she'd want to drink.

A late night food menu will offer a shortened version of the pizzas, sandwiches and bar bites available at the adjacent restaurant. 

Kaplan's 150-seat restaurant is still under development, but a new statement promises it will be "casual, comfortable and straightforward with an emphasis on fresh-baked bread and well-crafted food." A wood-burning oven will be used for pizzas and roasted main entrees. Expect counter service at lunch and full service at dinner. Shag carpeting and fabric sofas add a retro feel and help to balance the space's industrial look.

Slow Dough Bakery's first retail outpost will handle breakfast duties. As Wendell told CultureMap, all baking will be done on-site. In addition to selling bread, pastries and donuts, the smaller space will also allow Wendell the ability to train employees and experiment with new recipes. An espresso bar featuring locally-roasted Amaya coffee and a retail outlet for Brown Paper Chocolates will complete the space. 

Beer, donuts and pizza. Why wasn't it open in August? What better place would there have been for the 24-hour Simpsons marathon?