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Buzzed-over Montrose bar hires an ex-Anvil bartender to up its cocktail game as it moves on from chef drama

Buzzed-over Montrose bar hires an ex-Anvil bartender for drink power

Hal Brock bartender Boheme Montrose
Hal Brock will be Boheme's beverage director beginning September 12. Courtesy photo

Over the last year and a half, Montrose bar Boheme has become known for its sprawling patio and innovative food created by recently fired chef Rishi Singh. The drinks kept to a pretty classic form, with only the signature frozen mojito really a standout.

That's all set to change next month thanks to the arrival of beverage director Hal Brock, a former Anvil employee who's recently been working for mega-distributor Glazer's

"Hal's built for this job," Boheme representative Dutch Small tells CultureMap. "Until now, our emphasis has been on developing the food program. We've realized we need to have a cocktail program that matches."

 When it comes to cocktails, Brocks notes that "even straining the right way and how you're shaking can make a real difference." 

Although he won't join Boheme until next month, Brock is already contemplating changes, starting with that frozen mojito. "You'll definitely see frozen cocktails in the future, but they will most definitely change and appeal to a more Bohemian palate," he writes in an email.

(That means that the CultureMap Social event at Boheme on Sept. 9 might be one of people's last chance to slurp down the current bright green concoctions. Tickets are available here.)

Brock also promises to bring a "more focused and eclectic selection" to Boheme's sprawling wine list. "Look for South American, Spanish and Italian varietals to be at the forefront," he notes. 

"With Glazer's, I created cocktail menus all over the city; I'm ready to create a true cocktail program that shows what I'm made of," Brock adds in a statement. "The new program will be about the tropical climate and the flavors you'll find there, beyond pineapple and coconut. Think tarragon and tamarind, coriander and orange blossom, bay leaf and banana. With a patio like ours, we're not about the bitter, brown & stirred. Expect to see light spirits at the forefront with lots of rum, pisco, gin and tequila."

Beyond the menu, the cocktails will benefit from a bartender who survived Anvil's rigorous, 12-week training program. When it comes to preparing cocktails, Brocks notes that "even straining the right way and how you're shaking can make a real difference."

Brock will roll out the new options once he assumes the role Sept. 12. Just in time for the return of patio weather. Who's thirsty?