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Houston: Can you name this hamburger for $50?

Houston: Can you name this hamburger for $50?

News_Kenny_Ziggy's_no name burger
Kenny & Ziggy's no name burger Photo by Paula Murphy

Finally, a solution for the indecisive orderer who can't choose between a burger and a reuben.

Kenny & Ziggy's has created an enormous hybrid sandwich made of a half-pound of prime ground steak, corned beef, hot sauerkraut, melting Swiss cheese and Russian dressing on a toasted bun. Does that sound like a lot? Because it is.

When the sandwich hits the K&Z menu on Friday, there won't be a prize for cleaning your plate (it comes with fries too, of course). But Kenny & Ziggy's is offering a $50 gift certificate and endless bragging rights for the customer who can come up with the best name for the reuben/burger and post it on the store's Facebook wall by Sept. 5.

We're already digging submissions like The Reubenzilla, The Oy Vey Burger and The Jewish Cowboy. Can you do better? (Don't forget to avoid heart attack references.) And are you up for eating this meaty monster?