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Yuck! Houston man discovers cockroach in his doughnut and tweets photo

Yuck! Houston man discovers cockroach in his doughnut and tweets photo

Shipley's Donuts cockroach roach
Image tweeted by Aziz Gilani on Sunday morning Aziz Gilani/Twitter

This past weekend, venture capitalist Aziz Gilani followed his usual ritual of visiting the Shipley Do-Nuts location at 9203 S. Main Street. "Every Sunday morning, I take my kids to Shipley's," he tells CultureMap. "We've been doing it for years."

However, since he's fasting for Ramadan, yesterday, Gilani chose to get his doughnuts via the drive-thru and take them home to his kids. His daughter ate the first one, but when she looked at the second, a chocolate frosted with sprinkles, "she started screaming."

Gilani quickly saw why. Sticking out of the middle and covered in chocolate, was a large cockroach.

"I took the doughnuts back to Shipley's and went inside. I was, like, 'what the hell happened?'"

Rather than immediately apologizing and vowing to clean the restaurant from top to bottom, Gilani says the manager told him what he found was "impossible" because the location is cleaned thoroughly everyday. Instead of apologizing, they simply refunded him the $1 he spent on the doughnut.

"I was floored. So I left."

Dissatisfied, Gilani tweeted a picture that shows the chocolate covered roach inside the doughnut. Since Houston Chronicle food critic Alison Cook retweeted the image, it quickly generated lots of social media buzz.   

Shipley director of marketing Stacy Michelle acknowledged she's aware of the image but had not returned CultureMap's request for further comment by press time. Gilani says that, although Shipley responded to his tweet, he has not heard from company officials since sending them an email with a full account of the incident.

Will Gilani every go back to Shipley? "No. There's no way in hell. My mom told me, 'I never want you going there again.'" 

As for his daughter, "She says I'm never eating a doughnut again."