El Tiempo Saved

Popular Montrose Tex-Mex restaurant dodges impending closure — for now

Popular Montrose Tex-Mex restaurant dodges impending closure — for now

El Tiempo 1308 Cantina Montrose
El Tiempo has been spared (temporarily). Courtesy photo

Rejoice, El Tiempo fans. The Tex-Mex restaurant's 1308 Cantina location on Montrose Boulevard had been scheduled to close on July 31, but a "technical construction delay" on the Sunrise Montrose Apartments has granted it a temporary reprieve.

The landlord has resumed the month-to-month lease that the restaurant has operated under for the last four years. That means more time for one last comal of fajitas and pitcher of margaritas.

“We aren’t sure how much longer we will be staying, but we are happy to be there for at least another month,” stated owner Roland Laurenzo in a statement. “The Fiesta closing party which was scheduled for Tuesday, July 31st, 2018, has been cancelled until we know more about our future there.”

Originally, 1308 had been slated to close in 2015 to make way for the new apartments, but a downturn in the real estate market prompted the developer to put the project on hold. In the meantime, El Tiempo opened a second Montrose location in the former La Strada/La Casa del Caballo space at 322 Westheimer Rd. That location, known as the 1308 Annex, will remain open.