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Where to eat right now: 10 must-try restaurants for July

Where to eat right now: 10 must-try restaurants for July

News_Ruthie_must-tries_Phamily Bites_food truck.jpg
The new Phamily Bites hawks Vietnamese fare in front of Bo Concept. Photo by Ruthie Johnson Miller
News_Ruthie_must-tries_Bacchus_Naan Pizza.jpg
Bacchus has new menu items, including these small naan pizzas. Photo by Ruthie Johnson Miller
News_Ruthie_must-tries_Hubcap_Bacon Cheeseburger.jpg
Hubcap Grill makes fabulously creative burgers, but sometimes a bacon-cheeseburger is all you need. Photo by Ruthie Johnson Miller
News_Ruthie_must-tries_TQLA_Margarita Sampler
Refreshing for summer: The margarita sampler at TQLA Photo by Ruthie Johnson Miller
News_Ruthie_must-tries_Sesame Balls.jpg
The delicious, savory-sweet sesame balls at Phamily Bites Photo by Ruthie Johnson Miller
News_Ruthie_must-tries_Phamily Bites_food truck.jpg
News_Ruthie_must-tries_Bacchus_Naan Pizza.jpg
News_Ruthie_must-tries_Hubcap_Bacon Cheeseburger.jpg
News_Ruthie_must-tries_TQLA_Margarita Sampler
News_Ruthie_must-tries_Sesame Balls.jpg

Houston is hoppin’ these days! Need a lunch or dinner recommendation? Here are 10 hot places to try in July. Some are new restaurants entirely, while others are seasoned venues with new offerings, but all are well worth a visit.

The Modular
Who says street food has to be … well … street food? The Modular is a new food truck offering mobile gourmet grub in various spots around town.

You’ll find the truck mostly on weekends in front of Bo Concept or Paulie’s, and it has upscale and seasonal foods — like tuna poke tacos, for example, or duck confit wings. Follow The Modular on Twitter for locations.

Hubcap Grill
Hubcap Grill is a card-carrying member of Houston’s elite burger pantheon, and that’s no small feat. Thankfully, the tiny operation expands this week to its second location on 19th Street (west of Shepherd) in the Heights.

In addition to the incomprehensibly fantastic burgers, the space features picnic table seating and a strong lineup of beers.

Les Sauvages
Pop-up restaurants are a fun and fabulous way for chefs to showcase their culinary skills and creativity in a cost-effective way. That’s why we’re so glad that chef Justin Basye recently announced a series of pop-ups for this summer.

While Basye’s cuisine is reason enough to reserve a spot, most dinners also feature an acclaimed guest chef, and they will cook “without boundaries.”

Don’t let the douchey name keep you away from TQLA — the food is solid. The trendy new restaurant offers an interesting sampler of Mexi-American fusion dishes, along with specialty tequilas and a full bar.

Grab a coveted happy hour spot to take advantage of the special menu and drink discounts. Perhaps you’ll start out with a margarita sampler, which allows you to try three of TQLA’s eight frozen flavors.

Phamily Bites
Houston’s got one of the largest Vietnamese populations outside of Vietnam, so of course we’ve got a travelin’ Vietnamese truck ladeling out golden pho, tasty banh mi’s, and savory-sweet sesame balls.

While it started as an evening-only affair, Phamily Bites recently added in lunchtime stops outside of Bo Concept on Westheimer. Follow Phamily Bites on Twitter for locations.

This wine bar on Dunlavy (north of Westheimer) has recently reinvented itself, thanks to new management from respected wine guru Marc Borel. The place is light filled and decidedly casual with quick, friendly service. The menu is evolving, but the recent naan pizzas (delicious!) and special grill nights have served the place well.

Follow Bacchus on Twitter to track the progress and specials.

Christian’s Tailgate
With two successful locations under his belt, Christian has cast down his tailgate once again, opening a third spot on the burgeoning White Oak corridor in the Heights. You’ll find the same menu from the other spots, but in an airy indoor/outdoor venue. With plenty of flat screen TVs, a decent beer folio, and favorable prices, we expect this place to pack ‘em in for pigskin this fall.

Yelapa Playa Mexicana
No one knew what to expect when chef L.J. Wiley left Yelapa some months ago, but the fish-heavy Mexican spot has blossomed. That’s right, blossomed. While favorite menu items are still there, the new menu (plus creative daily specials) have exceeded expectations.

Upgrades the interior and the parking lot sure help, too. It’s time to make your way back.

Tony Mandola’s
After a brief bouncing-around, this longtime fixture has moved into its new building, leaving its miracle location in the hands of Eloise Adams Jones. The new Tony Mandola’s (which dropped its “Gulf Coast Kitchen” moniker) boasts an open, upscale space.

While you’ll recognize many of the menu items, Mandola has added some new flair to go along with the new digs.

Arturo Boada Cuisine
Chef Arturo Boada, formerly of the well regarded Arturo’s in Uptown Park, opened his namesake restaurant in May. Since then, the new Arturo Boada Cuisine (located in Memorial just off Voss) has been packed with those seeking the chef’s progressive take on classic Italian fare. Casual, neighborhoody, fun.

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