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Houston gelato house unveils new frozen pops at favorite Texas grocery store

Houston gelato house unveils pops at favorite Texas grocery store

Trentino gelato pops strawberry strawberries
Trentino's refreshing strawberry flavor. Courtesy photo
Trentino gelato pops flavors on wood
Trentino's array of goat milk gelato pops.  Courtesy photo
Trentino gelato pops chocolate rows
The gluten-free chocolate flavor.  Courtesy photo
Trentino gelato pops strawberry strawberries
Trentino gelato pops flavors on wood
Trentino gelato pops chocolate rows

If there’s one thing Texans love, it’s supporting Texas businesses. And if there’s one thing Texas foodies love more than that, it’s supporting a Texas business that produces a tasty treat. Enter Houston-based Trentino Gelato.

For the last 13 years, the company has offered its myriad flavors and creamy goodness at places like Axelrad and Luna Pizzeria, as well as a host of casual and fine dining spots around the Bayou City. Houstonians also were able to purchase the stuff by the pint at Spec’s Whole Foods and Central Market.

Now, the company has upped its game, with the statewide appearance of its handcrafted goat milk Gelato Pops. The frozen goodies will be available at more than 190 H-E-B stores across Houston, Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio. The retail rollout follows Trentino’s showing of its Gelato Pops at H-E-B’s 2016 Primo Pick competition, an initiative that allows Texas-based vendors to showcase their products in front of the grocery giant.

Trentino already had an array of gelato flavors in its arsenal, from the traditional Stracciatella and lemon pistachio to the more modern Cookies ‘n’ Cream and mint chocolate chip. With its goat milk pops, it’s adding in combos like almond fig, dulce de leche, raspberry sorbet, and mango sorbet to the mix.

Certified kosher and gluten-free, Trentino’s goat milk has given the gelato a light texture without sacrificing taste. Each pop is made, according to Kreindel, with only two or three ingredients, including the goat’s milk. There are no artificial colors or flavors and no added hormones or stabilizers. Perhaps best of all for those who want to feel like they’re indulging while simultaneously being healthy: each pop is less than 130 calories.

“I have been passionate about creating fantastic gelato flavors that our customers have loved for over 13 years and with our goat milk Gelato Pops, I feel that we have created something really special,” said Marcelo Kreindel, who founded Trentino after missing the traditional gelato shops that popped up like so many Starbucks in his native Buenos Aires. “Our expansion into H-E-B stores marks a major milestone for the Trentino brand and we are excited to share our goat milk gelato pops not only with an increasing number of Houstonians but also with new customers across Texas. Our new partnership with H-E-B will serve as a vehicle to expand the pops to additional regional markets while simultaneously exposing the masses to Trentino’s goat milk Gelato Pop recipe.” 

Since Trentino’s 2005 debut on the Houston culinary scene, the brand has garnered passionate fans, and picked up a host of industry awards, including  the top prize at the American Dairy Goat Association Dairy Product Competition and first prize in RodeoHouston’s 2016 Best Bites competition in the dessert category.

And with its expansion to freezers across the state, it’s a safe bet Texans’ summers just got a little more flavorful.