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Popular Heights neighborhood dive bar announces it won't shutter

Popular Heights neighborhood dive bar announces it won't shutter

Big Star Bar exterior
Don't give up on Big Star Bar.  Big Star Bar/Facebook

Remember all that talk a while ago about Big Star Bar shutting down? Yeah, just forget about that.

It appears the landlords who were going to sell the property once Big Star's lease was up this month have now had a change of heart. This news comes straight from longtime owner Brad Moore, who met up with one of them to finalize some details late last week. "I went for a meeting," recalls Moore. "We were just initialing something on the lease and she was like, 'Hey, I don't want to sell the building. If you want to stay...' and I was like, 'Heck, yeah, I want to stay.'"

Now that the beloved Heights dive bar won't be closing its doors, Moore hopes people will cease with prematurely mourning its loss, even though he explained in interviews that the Big Star would still be in business on a month-to-month basis until someone eventually bought the property. "People came to the 10th-anniversary party thinking it was the closing party," he says. "Anyway, it was kind of a perfect storm of confusion. But it's Big Star Bar -- a perfect storm of confusion is never surprising in that building."

That anniversary party, which happened last May 25 and 26, certainly had a steady stream of patrons — some already knew about the good news, while others wanted to pay their respects — celebrating throughout the weekend.

With legendary, Heights-based venue Fitzgerald's, which shut down late last year, getting the demolition treatment earlier this month, it isn't surprising that both the people who frequent Big Star, as well as the people who own the property, didn't want to see this one go too. "There's certainly a — for lack of a better term — vibe in the neighborhood," says Moore. "People are wary of what's going on, or frightened or disappointed."

But, rest assured, the Big Star Bar will still be around in the coming future. And even though he calls New Orleans his home these days, Moore will still run the joint along with owners Pam Pelligrino, Charlie Fernandez, and Arian Owens, with Eric Salzman handling general manager/house DJ duties. Says Moore, "I'm happy as heck that it's still gonna be there, and, yeah, I'll just pop in once a month and drink Lone Star with my friends over there. That's my plan."