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After Feast: Two major chefs are teaming up for a new Heights restaurant with iconic closing looming

After Feast: 2 major chefs are teaming up for a new Heights restaurant

Richard Knight chef Feast power tool
Richard Knight of Feast will be partnering with the Down House team for a new concept in the Heights. Richard Knight/Facebook
Down House Houston restaurant customers
Since opening two years ago, Down House has earned a loyal foodie following. Down House Houston
Richard Knight chef Feast power tool
Down House Houston restaurant customers

After Feast announced it would be closing its doors this August, the Houston food community has been waiting patiently to hear what the award-winning team of James and Meagan Silk and Richard Knight planned to do next.  

It turns out Knight will stay in Houston to join forces with Down House's Chris Cusack, Joey Treadway and Benjy Mason. The Silks, meanwhile, will be heading north to take on the Brooklyn dining world.

CultureMap spoke with Knight for details on his new partnership, which certainly makes sense in light of the extreme locavore approach taken by both Down House and Feast.

"Right now, we're still playing with the main concepts and fun stuff like that, so there's not much to confirm yet," he said. "All I can say is that I'm very excited about the project."

According to a Houston Chronicle interview with Down House co-owner Chris Cusack, the new restaurant will be located in the Heights with a tentative opening date in late 2013 or early 2014. Cusack is in the process of securing a non-restaurant property he will rework "from the ground up."

Food wise, Knight says he'll keep doing what he does — that is, traditional nose-to-tail cooking  — and to expect something that will build off his time at the New York Times-reviewed Feast . . . but with an American touch.

In the meantime, Knight wants to encourage foodies to stop by Feast on Tuesday to celebrate its fifth anniversary. A seven course dinner will be offered for only $89, complete with wine pairings.

Sounds like an excellent way to send off one of the first restaurants — if not the restaurant — that, in many ways, kick started Houston's current culinary hot streak.