Pizaro's on the Move

Houston's best pizzeria makes moves to new Memorial-area outpost

Houston's best pizzeria makes moves to new Memorial-area outpost

Pizaro's Detroit pizza Motor City
Pizaro's Detroit-style pizzas are coming to Memorial. Photo by Eric Sandler

For too long, fans of Pizaro’s Pizza’s original location in the Memorial area have had a different dining experience than those customers who patronize the restaurant’s second location in Montrose. Over the past couple of years, the Montrose location has added Detroit and New York-style pies that are baked in a different oven than the wood-burning Italian import that Pizaro’s uses for its Neapolitan-style pies.

Worst of all, the original Memorial-area location is too small to install the deck oven, which means customers are denied the opportunity to chow down on a deep dish 8 Mile pie or a New York-style Pepperoni Squared.

Thankfully, Nicole Bean, who owns and operates Pizaro’s with her husband Brad, her father Bill Hutchinson, and her brother Matt Hutchinson, has a solution. The family is moving the restaurant approximately one-and-a-half miles to a new location at 11177 Katy Freeway. Formerly a Samsung repair facility, the new location will give the Hutchinson family enough room to install both a wood-burning Italian oven and a gas-fired Swedish deck oven that will allow it to serve all three kinds of pizza.

“We’ve been wanting to give the Memorial location Detroit and New York, but we’ve had no room to grow,” Bean tells CultureMap. “We’ve outgrown the space. This will be 2,500-square feet, roughly. It’s a little smaller than (Montrose) but bigger than the original location.”

The move will also provide the family with the opportunity to make a change in the restaurant’s liquor permit. Instead of being strictly BYOB, the new location will also sell beer and wine, just like its Montrose sibling does now.

The project is still in the design phase. Pending the timing of permit approvals by the City of Houston, Bean hopes to be open as soon as September but concedes that November is probably more likely. The current Memorial Drive location will remain in the meantime, at least until it’s time for the oven to move to the new location.

“We’re essentially going to transfer the Italian oven there,” Bean says. “That will be an interesting haul to get an 8,000-pound oven out of the (existing) building to move it down the road.“

Interesting, yes, but also worth it. Fans of Pizaro’s original location deserve to have the same options that inner loopers do.