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The best Texas wines of 2015: dry rosé and Blanc du Bois

The best Texas wines of 2015: dry rosé and Blanc du Bois

Glass of rose wine
Here are the best dry rosé and Blanc du Bois of 2015. iStock

This is the fourth and final installment of the best Texas wines of 2015, in which we’ve revealed the top bottles as determined by Texas Wine Journal. This last list looks at the best dry rosé and Blanc du Bois.

Texas Wine Journal relies on consensus, rather than the opinion of a single taster, to make objective recommendations. Wines are scored from 75-100 and rated as average, good, very good, excellent, and extraordinary. Only wines scoring 80 points or higher are published.

For our lists, we took the top three most highly rated of all the wines scored last year. We started with Viognier and Syrah, moved on to white blends and red blends, and then got to Cabernet Sauvignon and Tempranillo.

There are more to explore that rank among the best of the year on the TWJ website.


Brennan Vineyards, Mourvedre Rosé, 2014
88 points, $20
“Too dangerous to drink alone,” writes Jim Cubberley, who likes this rosé’s fragrant aromas of strawberries and blackberries, surprising medium body, and fresh texture in the mouth. “Simply one of the tastiest Texas dry rosés I’ve had this year.”
Where to buy: Spec’s, H-E-B, Central Market

Calais Winery, La Cuvée De Gaston, 2014
87 points, $30
“A Texas nod to Provence, this rosé shows a beautiful balance of red fruit — Bing cherries and strawberry — with a vivacious underpinning of chalky minerality and acidity,” notes Margaret Shugart
Where to buy: This one is sold out, but La Cuvée De Gaston 2015 is coming in May.

Lewis Wines, Mourvedre Rosé, 2014
87 points, $30
Mark Rashap notes “very delicate aromas of orange peel, wild berries, and roses” on this wine reminiscent of a Provence rosé. “Very pleasant wine to have with oily fish, creamy cheese, or anything carrying vinaigrette,” he adds.
Where to buy: This wine is sold out.


Haak Vineyards & Winery, Blanc du Bois Madeira, 2013
91 points, $40
Oscar Montes Iga says this wine, an “iconic Madiera-styled Blanc du Bois,” has flavors of molasses-covered dried peaches and apricots, with walnut and pine nut, “to accent any cheese course.”
Where to buy: Spec’s, Kroger, Total Wine, Whole Foods, H-E-B

Lewis Wines, Swim Spot, 2014
87 points, $14
Jim Cubberley gushes, “This a must-have by the case” and a “perfect summer wine for Texans.” It has a super light body, and it’s dry but not bracingly so — a cross between an expensive vinho verde and Austrian Gruner Veltliner. 
Where to buy: Winery only. 

Haak Vineyards & Winery, Estate Blanc du Bois, 2015
86 points, $19
“Looking for something fresh, juicy, light, and summery? This dry Blanc du Bois really hits the mark,” says Jim Cubberley, who also calls Haak “one of the best Blanc du Bois producers in the state.” 
Where to buy: Winery only.