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What's Brewing at Luby's? How about a coffeehouse

What's Brewing at Luby's? How about a coffeehouse

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Seattle's Best coffee Photo by iirraa

Brush off the wayback machine, kids. The year was 1996: Oasis and the Spice Girls were all over the radio, the Dallas Cowboys were unstoppable, and coffeehouses were the next big thing. 

Now, nearly a generation later, it looks like the folks at Luby's have discovered the American addiction to caffeine, debuting the What's Brewing coffeehouse concept last month in downtown Houston. What's Brewing serves Seattle's Best coffee products, Tazo tea, and pastries and desserts made fresh daily. 

Todd Coutee, the vice president of culinary services, told the Houston Chronicle that further locations are planned at the Kelsey-Seybold Clinic on Holcombe sometime this summer and at Lone Star Community College by the fall, where the Luby's, etc. concept already provides food services for students, faculty and the public.