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Wine with friends: The 10 best restaurants to BYOB

Wine with friends: The 10 best restaurants to BYOB

Frankly, as long as you keep that wine coming, you can leave the flowers at home. HD Photos
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Let's take a moment to toast sommeliers, who can pick the perfect bottle to match a dish or from a one-word description. Of course, sometimes you just want to bring your favorite bottle and not spend an arm and a leg on the wine list mark-up.

Whether you're breaking into something coveted from your wine cellar or just rocking some two-buck chuck, here are the 10 best restaurants that will let you bring in your own bottle.

1. Pizaro's Pizza

The newest Neapolitan pizza place on Memorial Drive not only makes great pies, they also offer BYOB with no corking fee.

2. Lucio's BYOB & Grill

Long overshadowed by its more famous neighbor, Gravitas, Lucio's is a bit more refined than most restaurants with open-bottle policies. Corking fee: $5.

3. Jonathan's The Rub

Arguably the best restaurant in Hedwig Village, Jonathan's is famous for winning the Houston Press burger bracket last year. Corking fee: $7.

4. Banana Leaf

The restaurant that introduced Houston to Malaysian cuisine also lets customers bring in vino for no charge.

5. Ruggles Green

This green restaurant has a short list of organic and biodynamic wines, or you can bring your own favorite. Corking fee: $5.

6. Lola

The upscale Heights diner doesn't charge customers who want to have a little pinot with their pasta.

7. La Vista

A brunch favorite by the Galleria, La Vista's pizza and pasta pairs perfectly with wine, whether it's theirs or yours. Corking fee: $6.

8. Hula Mama's

You don't have to be a little tipsy to love a tiki-themed restaurant that offers pig-roast buffets and a Polynesian dance show, but it sure doesn't hurt. Luckily the corking is free.

9. Cafe Pita +

The TV-famous Bosnian restaurant just celebrated its 10th anniversary with a bigger and better space, but there's still no corking fee to bring in your own wine.

10. Just Dinner

If you liked the cozy atmosphere of the Just August Project, check out the restaurant's refined Italian-American menu. Corking fee: $8.

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