introducing 18th street bungalows

New 'pocket-sized' Heights development takes shape in up-and-coming Durham corridor

New 'pocket-sized' Heights development takes shape in Durham corridor

18th Street Bungalows The Heights Durham
This "pocket-sized" development is big news for Durham.  Courtesy image

Anyone keeping score of the blistering pace of real estate development in The Heights knows that North Shepherd Drive is the proverbial place to be. To wit: Heights Bier Garten and Snooze picked the North Shepherd corridor for their buzzy locales.

Not to be outdone, Shepherd’s twin street, Durham, will soon receive an injection of some of the Shepherd fervor, thanks to an exciting development. Local developer Capital Retail Properties has announced a new, “pocket-sized” project at 802 West 18th St., appropriately dubbed 18th Street Bungalows.

Partnering with the ubiquitous Gensler architects, Capital Retail Properties will create a 3,000-square-foot retail site that promises to seamlessly fit into the neighborhood (as veteran Heightsites would demand) and harness the area “as the neighborhood’s next corridor of change,” according to the masterminds. The project will be home to two tenants on a 10,000-square-foot lot at the corner of West 18th and Durham Drive and will offer a unique twist on the area’s Victorian aesthetic with a modern, industrial take on a vintage bungalow, according to a statement.

Another key, Heights-friendly factor is walkability to neighboring spots. The 18th Street Bungalows will be located just steps from Snooze and Balls Out Burger, plus a duo of upcoming concepts from nationally acclaimed restaurateur Ford Fry. Flying Fish restaurant, which is based in Dallas, will be opening a location at 19th and Durham.

“Our goal with the design was to honor the historic aesthetic of the neighborhood while embracing its youthful spirit and vibrancy,” said design consultants Dick Lew and Jim Ou, in the statement. To that end, the development is imagined as a classic craftsmen silhouette, with a front porch, large storefront windows, exposed wood, and ribbed sheet metal in two shades of gray.

“We’re excited to bring a whimsical and dynamic piece of architecture to Durham, just as it is poised to begin absorbing overflow retail demand from Shepherd,” added  Capital Retail Properties partner Anderson Smith, who is also a Heights resident, in the statement. “Tenants will not only benefit from heavy car and growing foot traffic, but also enjoy terrific street presence in a new landmark.”