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Uber rolls out attractive new loyalty program for Houston users

Uber rolls out attractive new loyalty program for Houston users

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Houstonians can earn points on trips and food delivery.  Courtesy of Uber

A common refrain heard from many ridesharing Houstonians is, “man, if I had a dollar for every Uber trip.” Now, that wish is a reality.

Uber’s first-ever loyalty program, which has been slowly rolled out across nine U.S. cities, is now available in Houston. 

The ridesharing company offers four membership levels: blue, gold, platinum, and diamond. Houston users simply join a waiting list and the rewards program at no additional cost.

Once a participant opts into the program, the rider gets $5 added to their Uber Cash balance for every 500 points earned, regardless of the membership level. The Uber Cash balance can be spent on both rides and Uber Eats, according to Uber.

Participants will can earn one point for every eligible dollar spent on UberPool and UberEats orders. That means a fun Friday and Saturday night out — and ensuing Sunday food delivery —  can really pay off.

How does the point system work? Two points for UberX, UberXL, and Select; three points for Black and Black SUV. Once 500 points is earned, the rider will advance from Blue to Gold. At 2,500 points they will advance to Platinum. And at 7,500 points, an advance to Diamond.

Diamond status boasts attractive perks: Users can enjoy dedicated phone support with fast 24/7 response times from our most experienced customer support agents. Uber also promises complimentary surprise upgrades from UberX to premium products like Uber Black at no extra cost. There’s also a special “UberX Diamond” option offers access to highly-rated drivers. Diamond members also receive no delivery fee on three Uber Eats orders every six months.

Similar to many loyalty programs, earnings periods are six months long and are tied to the date signed up to join the program. When a tier is unlocked, the rider will have that tier for the remaining earnings period, and the next six months.