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Bucee's legendary bathrooms go high-tech with new upgrades

Bucee's legendary bathrooms go high-tech with new upgrades

Buc-ee's Katy
One more reason to visit Texas' favorite beaver.  Buc-ee's/Facebook

The venerable Texas store and popular road stop is already king of the road when it comes to the cleanest bathrooms around, but now Buc-ee's is stepping up their restroom game even more.

They've installed a new technology system called "Tooshlights."

The lights outside the door to each stall let you know if they're empty or occupied. The new bathrooms will be available to customers at the Katy and Temple locations.

Buc-ee's, the Texas-based gas station, was the nation's highest-rated gas station in a survey conducted by GasBuddy. Buc-ee's also secured the title as best gas station in Texas.

In GasBuddy's summer travel survey, 37 percent of drivers said one of their worst fears was being unsure of where to stop for a clean restroom.


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