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High Tech Fashion: Ralph Lauren smartshirt senses your best workout plan

Ralph Lauren high-tech smartshirt senses your best workout plan

Ralph Lauren PoloTech smartshirt
The Ralph Lauren PoloTech smartshirt offers the latest evolution in wearable technology . Courtesy photo

We've heard of smartphones and smartwatches. How about a smartshirt?

Ralph Lauren has unveiled the PoloTech smartshirt, the latest in wearable technology. The black T-shirt with the yellow Polo pony trademark is made of a “second-skin” compression fabric with silver fibers woven directly into the fabric that track biometric stats like steps taken, heart rate, and calories burned. A sensor-filled black box that snaps into the shirt at the rib cage streams information to an app on our iPhone, iWatch or iPod touch to create customized workout programs with more than 10,000 combinations in the areas of cardio, strength and agility.

Now, if it only it could exercise for you.

 “This is a bridge between technology, fitness and style that approaches wellness and well-being in comprehensive and complementary ways," executive vice president David Lauren said in a statement. "It will touch many parts of your life.”

The washable PoloTech shirt, developed in partnership with Canadian-based OMSignal, retails for $295 and will be available Thursday (August 27) at RalphLauren.com, the Polo Ralph Lauren flagship store in New York and at the U.S. Open tennis championships that run August 31 through September 13.

The technology was tested at the last year's U.S. Open, where some ball boys and a top-ranked college player Marcos Giron wore the smartshirts during practice.

The PoloTech shirt signals the relaunch of the Ralph Lauren Polo Sport line, which was discontinued in 2000. David Lauren told the Wall Street Journal that the technology could show up in ties, polo shirts and suits in the future.