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Prestigious new national report recognizes best hospitals in Houston

Prestigious new national report recognizes best hospitals in Houston

Houston, Methodist Hospital exterior, August 2017
Houston Methodist has been ranked a top hospital.  Courtesy of Methodist Hospital/Facebook

Hospitals across Houston were ranked by their patient care, patient safety, outcomes, nursing, advanced technology and reputation in an annual report that identifies the top medical facilities in the country.

U.S. News & World Report released its 31st annual best hospital rankings this week, which included both adult and children's hospital tracks across several categories. The report released both overall and local rankings after evaluating over 4,500 medical centers nationwide in 16 specialties, and 134 hospitals were ranked in at least one specialty.

For the ninth year in a row, the top hospital in Houston and Texas, according to the report, is Houston Methodist, which ranked at No. 20 nationally and made the report's Honor Roll.

"Our U.S. News rankings are especially meaningful right now as this has been an exceptionally difficult time for our health care workers," says Marc Boom, M.D., president and CEO of Houston Methodist, in a news release. "We have always served our community by providing exceptional care — during the COVID-19 pandemic and before. It's a true testament to our commitment to being unparalleled."

Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital tied for No. 4 in Houston and No. 6 (three-way tie) in Texas. Additionally, the hospital was recognized on the top lists for 11 specialties:

No. 12 for cardiology/heart surgery
No. 13 for orthopedics
No. 14 for gastroenterology/GI surgery
No. 17 for cancer
No. 19 (tie) for nephrology
No. 20 for pulmonology and lung surgery
No. 23 for neurology/neurosurgery
No. 26 for geriatrics
No. 26 (tie) for gynecology
No. 28 for diabetes and endocrinology
No. 49 for ear, nose and throat

The second-best hospital in Houston on this year's ranking was Baylor St. Luke's Medical Center, which was also named the No. 3 hospital in the state.

"At Baylor St. Luke's, we are transforming the way we deliver care for our patients through groundbreaking technologies and a multidisciplinary approach that allows us to give the best possible care to patients and their families," says Doug Lawson, CEO of St. Luke's Health, in a news release. "I praise our dedicated staff and physicians for helping us achieve this recognition."

Baylor St. Luke's also made an appearance across five specialties:

No. 17 for cardiology/heart surgery
No. 21 for gastroenterology/GI surgery
No. 21 for neurology/neurosurgery
No. 27 for cancer
No. 47 for geriatrics

"This is a great report that confirms the efforts of our partnership at Baylor St. Luke's and our affiliated hospitals to provide unsurpassed care to patients, conduct research that will change lives and train the next generation of physicians", says Dr. Paul Klotman, president, CEO, and executive dean at Baylor College of Medicine. "Baylor St. Luke's high ranking in Texas is in parallel with Baylor College of Medicine being the highest ranked medical school in Texas. Together, we are an outstanding academic medical center and learning health system."

Memorial Hermann - Texas Medical Center came in No. 3 in Houston and No. 5 in Texas. The hospital ranked in one adult specialty and two children's specialties.

No. 43 for ear, nose and throat (adult)
No. 22 for cardiology/heart surgery (pediatric)
No. 31 for neurology/neurosurgery (pediatric)

On the children's hospital track, Houston's Texas Children's Hospital ranked as No. 4 nationally and was recognized in all 10 pediatric specialties, which included:

No. 1 for pediatric cardiology/heart surgery
No. 2 for pediatric nephrology
No. 2 for pediatric neurology/neurosurgery
No. 3 for pediatric pulmonology and lung surgery
No. 4 for pediatric cancer
No. 5 for pediatric diabetes and endocrinology
No. 5 for pediatric gastroenterology/GI surgery
No. 6 for pediatric urology
No. 10 for neonatology
No. 15 for pediatric orthopedics

Zooming in on the specific specialties, several other Houston hospitals in addition to these top tier hospitals, secured spots in the top 10 rankings.

University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center was ranked No. 1 nationally for adult cancer treatment. Additionally, the hospital made an appearance in six other adult specialties and one pediatric specialty.

No. 4 for ear, nose and throat
No. 6 for urology
No. 14 for gynecology
No. 27 for diabetes and endocrinology
No. 41 for geriatrics
No. 46 for gastroenterology/GI surgery
No. 38 for cancer (pediatric)

TIRR Memorial Hermann in Houston ranked No. 3 nationally for rehabilitation.

For all 31 years, The Menninger Clinic has been recognized as a top hospital in the psychiatric speciality. This year, the clinic ranked at No. 9 nationally.

"Our clinical teams provide personalized care with the right blend of art and science. We have pioneered measuring the effectiveness of this treatment, and the results consistently demonstrate that patients sustain their well-being for at least a year after they leave Menninger," says Armando Colombo, president and CEO, in a news release. "Going forward, we will improve access to make it easier for more Texans to access these life-changing results."


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