Furnish This

Report shows just how much Houstonians spend to furnish their apartments — and it's a lot

How much do Houstonians spend to furnish their apartments? A lot!

One Park Place apartment condo Houston
The average cost for a piece of furniture in Houston is $164. OneParkPlaceHouston.com

Making a new living space feel like a home is no small feat, especially if you have to start from scratch. While it’s important to make your home comfortable and uniquely you, it can also take a toll on your wallet.

OfferUp, an online marketplace of local buyers and sellers that helps users find furniture for sale in their area, analyzed data from its app to find out how expensive it is to furnish an apartment in 118 U.S. cities.

Houston leads the pack as the third most expensive city in the nation (No. 1 in Texas) to furnish an apartment, with a median apartment furnishing cost of $925 and an average item price of $164. 

What are we spending all that money on exactly? Practical items like dressers and sofas are the most popular, followed by desks, tables, beds, and TV stands.

Dallas-Fort Worth ranks as the No. 12 most expensive markets in the country. The median furnishing cost is $819 for an entire apartment; an individual item costs $133 on average. San Antonians spend an average of $128 on individual furniture pieces and only $775 to furnish an apartment. 

Austin is one of the least expensive markets in Texas, although the capital city ranks as the No. 14 most expensive market in the U.S. With an average item price of $127, the median cost to get all of your furniture in Austin is $815.