Haute Houston design house rocks runway show, art, and music for 10th anniversary bash downtown

Houston design house rocks runway show, art, music for birthday bash

Magpies & Peacocks - After Dark in the Park
Ahshia Berry, VP and Director of Communications, left, and Sarah-Jayne Smith, Founder and CEO. Photo courtesy of Cody Bess
Magpies & Peacocks - After Dark in the Park
An upcycled hand tailored jacket and vintage dress from Magpies & Peacocks' vendors and Co-Op studio designer/artist. Photo courtesy of Magpies & Peacocks/Facebook
Magpies & Peacocks - After Dark in the Park
Magpies & Peacocks - After Dark in the Park

Magpies & Peacocks, the nation’s only 501(c)3 non-profit design house, is transforming a section of Discovery Green Park Saturday, November 20 into a night of sustainable fashion, art, and music for its 10-year anniversary fundraising event.

The evening will debut, Interrupted, a short film — part documentary, part animation — an art exhibit, and a runway experience featuring a curated zero-waste upcycled designer collection from the design house.

Additionally, guests will have access to a full marketplace, hosted by volunteer Gucci sales advisors. Expect to shop Magpies & Peacocks’ products, including looks straight from the runway.

Last fall, the Mayor’s Office of Human Trafficking expanded to include Domestic Violence and focus on services and policies to address gender-based violence. The new office launched a partnership with Magpies & Peacocks, called the MAKR Collective, to empower human trafficking and domestic violence victims economically. The MAKR Collective intends to provide survivors with valuable, life-long skills for employment opportunities in the fashion industry, including skill building in sewing, retail, inventory management, and more.

Magpies & Peacocks was named as Gucci Changemakers in 2021, and received a grant from the esteemed Gucci Equilibrium Impact Fund to build on the community workforce development program.

Eco-chic skin and hair care brand Love Beauty & Planet awarded the non-profit design house a grant to scale their post-consumer textile resource library. Further, the country’s number one “Buy Now, Pay Later” giant AfterPay launched their April Earth Day campaign, selecting Magpies & Peacocks as beneficiaries. They were awarded their largest donation to date to invest in their sustainability infrastructure, programming, environmental arts, and community outreach.

Over the past decade, Magpies & Peacocks has diverted more than 175 tons of post-consumer textiles and created more than 15,000 upcycled products.

“It has become increasingly obvious to us as an organization that building the right environment for sustainability, social change, and inclusion takes a company culture dedicated to it at every level — not relying on good decisions to be made for us, but by us,” said Sarah-Jayne Smith, founder and chief executive officer of Magpies & Peacocks, in a statement.

“Choosing to do right for people and the planet is seldom the easy path, but it is the right one and it’s one that we wholeheartedly stand by every day,” she says.