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Mini-facials and matcha kick off all-natural boutique's pop-up in River Oaks District

Mini-facials, matcha kick off natural boutique's River Oaks pop-up

Switch2Pure will pop up in the River Oaks District.  Photo courtesy of Switch2Pure
Products are all-natural and carefully curated.  Photo courtesy of Switch2Pure
Switch2Pure Estela Cockrell
Founder Estela Cockrell will meet guests and share her story.  Photo courtesy of Switch2Pure
The pampered pop-up will stay open through January.  Photo courtesy of Switch2Pure
Switch2Pure Estela Cockrell

“Wellness looks good on everyone,” said Estela Cockrell, the founder and head purist behind Switch2Pure, an online beauty and lifestyles shop that’s launching its first Houston popup in the River Oaks District through January 31. Shoppers can expect a carefully curated selection of makeup, bath and body items, skin care, home goods, and clothing — all of it hand-selected by Cockrell – and all of it nontoxic and natural.

2 can't-miss events
There’s a grand opening event Thursday, November 8 where holistic lifestyle lovers, savvy shoppers, and those curious about the movement behind purer living can check out plenty of all-natural treats and sip on matcha lemonade, adaptogen-infused drinks, and biodynamic wine, and enjoy vegan treats while exploring the brand-new space. Switch2Pure will have personalized, mini facial and skincare consults, a gift with purchase and the chance to win an amazing giveaway prizes and even receive complimentary, personalized consultations. 

Pretty Young Things can also attend the PYT Grand Opening on Friday, November 9 from 3-7pm. Ladies are encouraged to pop by after work to mix and mingle. Guests can expect the same program as the Thursday opening. Cockrell will speak at 4 pm about wellness, her journey to founding Switch2Pure, and more.

For Cockrell, the quest for natural, non-harmful products isn’t about business; it was personal. A longtime sufferer of autoimmune issues, Cockrell realized that what she was putting in and on her body was making her sick. She took what she calls her “lawyer’s mind” and focused it on researching every ingredient in every item she used, and eliminated those with sketchy ingredients.

She not only felt an immediate difference in her own health, she went on a quest to help others. The result was Switch2Pure, wherein Cockrell gathered everything from lipsticks to lotions to face masts to scarves. She researches every product she sells to her exacting standards.

“Everything we offer is vegan,” she said. “There are no neurotoxins in anything we sell. If there’s an ingredient that is a substance that is banned somewhere in the world, I won’t carry it. That’s the basis of our Pure Promise.”

Cockrell says she thinks people naturally want to do the right things when it comes to products they use. After all, who wants to put something on your body that’s going to make you ill? But as a busy mom, she also realizes that a lot of people lack the time to obsessively check every ingredient in a bath gel the time to uncover the latest scientific research about healthy living.

“I’m super excited to bring these products here,” she says. “Houston is an international city and its shoppers are sophisticated. They travel the world and they see the brands I carry, but they can’t get them here. Now they can.”

Cockrell wants Switch2Pure’s boutique to be a wellness destination. To that end, in addition to body bars and scrubs from Onne, salves and oils from Cannabliss and Au Naturale makeup, the shop will also offer master makeup and skincare classes, and private sessions. Cockrell is betting the crystal facials will be a hit with Houston shoppers.

In creating Switch2Pure and launching the boutique, it was essential for Cockrell that all of her third-party brands be natural and beautiful. But she also wants shoppers to have the feeling of luxury, too. So, she set out to find a staff that was focused on individualized attention and customer service, and created a space that felt like an upscale spa.

Oxygen facials and crystal rollers
“It’s a space where you’ll find a real collaborative effort to help you on your journey,” says Cockrell.” Maybe you want an oxygen facial. Or you want some crystal rollers. You can come in and get an assessment of how to look your best, or you can come in and just be. So many people struggle, whether it’s with lupus or celiac disease or a hormone imbalance, things you can’t see from the outside. Everyone is in a different place. But I want Switch2Pure to be for everyone.”

Cockrell said shoppers can expect everything from gift kits stocked with moisturizers and make up, to organic T-shirts to organic pet shampoo. She promises there’s something for every price point, and she thinks Houstonians are going to be surprised by the array of items and the personal services.

“This is unique,” she says of her shop. “And it’s a fun space.”


Switch2Pure will host grand opening events Thursday, November 8 from 1-7 pm and Friday, November 9 from 3-7 pm. For more information, call 713-357-7773 or email popup@switch2pure.com.