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Gucci's dramatically redesigned boutique now open in The Galleria

Gucci's dramatically redesigned boutique now open in The Galleria

Gucci store interior
Gucci's new look includes a shoe paradise.  Photo courtesy of Gucci

Fashionistas, get ready – the glamour quotient is about to get a serious uptick. Gucci, that venerated and beloved label, has opened a newly renovated space in the heart of Houston’s shopping mecca.

“Understated drama” is the theme for the boutique’s 4,100 square feet. Translation: look for an elegance on par with Gucci’s massive collection of men’s and women’s shoes, handbags, leather good, jewelry, and accessories.

The idea is to make shoppers feel welcome without a pushy sales pitch, according to a release. The renovated space offers velvet armchairs, adding a soft touch to play off the harder industrial hardware elements, like exposed rivets and mechanical display units. An aesthetic created by Gucci creative director Allesandro Michele, the company looks to provide shoppers with a place that echoes its luxury reputation.

Marble polychrome inlays produce decorative three-dimensional effects on the floors, while being harmoniously integrated with functional cement. Juxtaposition of this sort, where opposites forge a new connection, is repeated throughout: technical, mechanical display units contrast with the softness of the rich fabrics that adorn the rooms.

Metal plates with a burnished geometric pattern sit alongside carpets in cherry red and peacock blue; round tables offset rectangular ones; varnished iron wall finishes complement pale pink matelassé or peacock blue velvets, used for upholstery and fitting rooms. Throughout the store one finds sumptuous chairs, while vintage oriental rugs are layered over each other for a textured effect.

Now that the renovated space has opened its doors, the company is betting big-time that shoppers will feel the place is at once utterly personal — and so very Gucci.