Bikini City Rankings

Bikini City rankings laud Houston, while Dallas women need lots of help (and money) to get pool ready

Bikini City rankings laud H-Town, while Dallas girls need lots of help

woman swimming underwater in white bikini
The website wanted to know just how much money people spend to get bikini ready in cities across the country.

With the summer heat truly starting to set in, the sun worshipers among us are ready to bring out the beach towels, lather on the sunscreen and spend time by the pool. There may be a couple of beautification factors standing between you and a perfect beach or pool afternoon though . . . we're talking manicures, pedicures, waxing and perhaps a spray tan to name a few.

If you're into that kind of thing.

Getting bikini season ready can be a pricey proposition for many. But just how expensive is it?

A Bikini Price Index has been calculated to see just how much money people spend to get bikini ready. The website MyTime's behind the new rankings.

Texas shows up prominently in the Top 10 of both the most and least expensive bikini cities. Unfussy, (mostly) natural Houston is ranked the sixth least expensive city to get bikini ready in — with average preparation costs of $90 per person. Pretentious, image-conscious Dallas lands on the other end of the spectrum, not surprisingly. 

Dallas is the fifth most expensive city on the Bikini Price Index, averaging $109 in  prep costs. That's only $8 less than the priciest bikini city of all — New York.

In contrast, a frugal Orlando comes in as the least expensive bikini city with only $78 in average prep costs.

America's 5 Most Expensive Bikini Cities

  1. New York ($117)
  2. Seattle ($114)
  3. San Francisco ($113)
  4. Minneapolis ($110)
  5. Dallas / Ft. Worth ($109)

America's 5 Most Affordable Bikini Cities

  1. Orlando ($78)
  2. Detroit ($79)
  3. Denver ($85)
  4. Miami ($86)
  5. Boston ($89)