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Texas-based Neiman Marcus takes steps for its future fur-free world

Texas-based Neiman Marcus takes steps for its future fur-free world

Dallas-based Neiman Marcus Group is standing by its commitment to go fur-free with an innovative new approach to get rid of the old fur and bring in the new (faux) fur.

Working with the Humane Society of the United States, the company adopted a new Animal Welfare Policy in June 2021, with a goal to eliminate fur products at all NMG brands, including Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman, by March 2023.

To date, fur inventory levels across NMG have been reduced by more than half, and the company plans to continue reducing throughout the next year.

To educate clients on fur alternatives, NMG has begun to introduce several new sustainable and ethical product alternatives to satisfy the tastes of their luxury customers.

CEO Geoffroy van Raemdonck says in a statement that NMG is embracing its role as a leader in luxury retail to build a better future. Cool!

"It is clear the future is fur-free, and that includes the ultra-luxury space," van Raemdonck says. "Since our announcement, we've seen many of our brand partners join this movement, further assisting our efforts to implement this much-needed change and create a more sustainable future for fashion."

Their program involves two steps: introducing new sustainable alternatives, and making a plan for how fur salons will evolve.

Sustainable, ethical alternatives
The company is launching new programs at Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman, featuring products made with sustainable materials, including bio-based vegan leathers such as Prota Fiori, a Certified B Corp founded by Jennifer Stucko who has pioneered the use of apple leather in women's footwear made in Italy.

"We are bringing our brand partners and customers along with us and sharing educational resources every step of the way," says Chief Merchandising Office Lana Todorovich. "We have several brand partners who are leaders in this space. And for some of our brand partners, they are just beginning their journey."

NMG has partnered with The Humane Society and Textile Exchange to encourage reputable training for brand partners.

"We will continue to sell products approved by The Humane Society, made from synthetic, faux fur materials, and traditional animal fabrics like cashmere, leather, shearling, mohair, down, wool, and silk," said Todorovich. "We will also continue to monitor animal welfare concerns associated with these materials and work with brand partners to promote best practices related to their sourcing, production, processing, re-use, and innovation over time, including through our Sustainability Edits that feature products with certified materials and other preferred product attributes for consumers."

NMG's Animal Welfare Policy and the launch of its brands' new sustainable product edits will help the company meet its goal to increase revenue from the sale of sustainable and ethical products by 2025.

Transitioning fur salons
Existing fur salons at Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman stores will be converted into spaces customized for modern luxury experiences. Over time, the salons will be converted into spaces featuring alterations, personalization, dining, and other experiential customer moments.

"We intend to continue offering customers access to fur services, including storage, alterations, and repairs," said Demuth. "Our experts are trained on caring for, maintaining, and altering existing fur products, lowering the demand for new ones while driving progress toward our ESG goal to extend the useful life of 1,000,000 luxury items through circular services by 2025."