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Gucci unveils Houston-centric T-shirt every local fashionista needs in their closet

Gucci unveils Houston-centric T-shirt every local fashionista needs

Gucci shirt Houston vs Everybody
This shirt really says it all. Photo by Gucci

Houstonians who routinely feel like it’s us against the world now have a fashionable shirt declaring so. Global fashion house Gucci has revealed a new shirt boldly declaring “Houston vs Everybody” that is sure to land on the backs of local fashionistas.

These black T-shirts are part of Gucci’s Changemaker series that has targeted 11 partner cities: Houston, Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, Miami, New Orleans, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Washington D.C.

The Gucci Changemaker program, which launched in 2019, provides donations to nonprofits in the 11 cities that support social change and help to build strong connections and opportunities within communities of color, a press release notes.

Detroit designer Tommey Walker and his homegrown label, DETROIT VS. EVERYBODY, are behind the bold shirts, which retail for $390 and benefit a nonprofit organization in each city.

Houstonians can find the shirt at the Galleria Gucci store as well as online. Magpies and Peacocks, a hip Houston design house, has been designated as this year’s Houston beneficiary.

“We are thrilled to be official Gucci Changemakers working at community level with Gucci — not only because of their obvious market influence but because of the amazing impact of their equilibrium movement,” Magpies and Peacocks founder and CEO Sarah-Jayne Smith tells CultureMap. “Taking care of people and the planet are intrinsic to the work we do at every level and as Gucci Changemakers, now celebrating our 10th year as a sustainable nonprofit design house, we are honored to partner with an organization committed to positive change.”